The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: The Catwalk

With a neutron storm approaching, the Enterprise crew’s only hope of survival is to take shelter in the catwalks within each warp nacelle. Space is at a premium, and with eight days to wait it out, tempers soon fray – especially as a group of unsociable aliens has also joined the crew. Continue reading


Ten of the best: Romulans

The Romulans are one of Star Trek’s most enduring adversaries. We first met them in TOS as a society based on Ancient Rome, with a name to match. From TNG onwards, they changed somewhat, becoming a militaristic society with a penchant for syping and sneaky tactics. They even eventually got to be the primary antagonists in a film, showing up in Star Trek Nemesis.

Throughout Star Trek’s run, many Romulan characters have been quite dull and workmanlike, but from time to time, a really fascinating Romulan has come along. In this article, we examine ten of the best of the Federation’s pointy-eared adversaries. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: The Seventh

Many years ago, T’Pol worked for Vulcan internal security – and one of her missions was to apprehend six renegade undercover agents. One of those agents remains at large, and now that the Vulcan High Command has finally tracked him down, they want T’Pol to capture him. With the help of Archer and Travis, T’Pol heads to a frozen planet to finally put this mission to rest. Continue reading