Star Trek Discovery: Project Daedalus

Admiral Cornwell arrives aboard Discovery to task Pike and crew with a new mission – infiltrating Section 31 headquarters and regaining access to their central AI, “Control”. However, their mission may be at risk thanks to the mysterious force that has infiltrated Lt Commander Airiam. Continue reading


Star Trek Discovery: If Memory Serves

Spock and Burnham head to Talos IV, where Spock hopes the telepathic Talosians will be able to cure whatever the Red Angel did to his mind. Meanwhile, Pike does all he can to investigate what happened to Burnham without breaking his orders to stay and analyse the probe; whilst Hugh is having difficulties reconnecting with his old life. Continue reading

Star Trek Discovery: Point of Light

Chancellor L’Rell is having a hard time retaining her hold over the Klingon Great Houses, and having the not-quite-human, not-quite-Klingon Tyler by her side may be hindering more than it helps. Meanwhile, Amanda arrives on Discovery in the hopes of soliciting Burnham and Pike’s help in figuring out what happened to Spock, whilst Tilly struggles with her continuing visions of her childhood friend May. Continue reading