The Great Star Trek TNG Rewatch: I, Borg

When an Enterprise away team discovers an injured Borg drone, Captain Picard reluctantly lets Crusher bring it on board to treat it – on one condition. Geordi and Data are tasked with figuring out how to infect the Borg with a computer virus that will shut down the Collective, but as the rescued drone begins to discover his individuality, can they really bring themselves to use him as a vector for genocide? Continue reading

The Great Star Trek TNG Rewatch: The Perfect Mate

And…we’re back.

The Enterprise has agreed to host a reconciliation ceremony between two warring planets, only to discover that the ‘gift’ they are transporting in their cargo bay is not an item, but a woman. Kamala is an ‘empathic metamorph’, a rare genetic mutation able to sense the thoughts of men and become the perfect mate of the one she ultimately bonds with. But when she is awakened from stasis too soon, she begins to bond not with her destined husband, but with Captain Picard. Continue reading

The Declaration, chapter 14

This one’s a short chapter, but chapter 15 looks eventful so I didn’t want to do them both at once.

Anna wakes up in Solitary, where she’s conveniently in the cell next to Peter. As planned, they will be leaving tonight, between the midnight rounds and Evil Mrs Pincent’s 4am visit to make Peter ‘disappear’. That means she’s going to have him killed, by the way. I wouldn’t want you to miss the point because it was too subtle. Continue reading