Jupiter Ascending, Quality Descending

Sometimes, you dare to hope that the latest big budget sci-fi movie might actually be, if not amazing, at least average. It’s bound to be flawed, but maybe it will be entertaining. So, having seen some screenshots of Jupiter Ascending at the end of last year, I found myself interested in watching it – and it never once occurred to me to wonder why the film had sunk without trace upon its cinema release.

The reason, of course, is that Jupiter Ascending is a terrible film – a feature so poor that it should be banished to movie purgatory with all due haste. Continue reading

The Top Ten Most Disturbing Criminal Minds Episodes

There’s no way that a TV show about profiling serial killers can help but have more than its fair share of creepy moments, and Criminal Minds is no slouch in that department. Over the show’s ten seasons, it seems to have set itself a goal to make each season more disturbing than the last, and coming from a series that has featured paedophilia, cannibalism, people being forced to kill each other, and pictures painted in blood, that’s saying something. What follows are the ten episodes which stuck in my mind as being particularly dark. No doubt I’ve missed a few obvious ones – in which case put a case forward in the comment section below! Continue reading

Breaking Bad: Marie Schrader’s Light Fingers

Yes, I know I said I was going to blog about Star Trek next, but that’s going to be a big post, so I thought I’d slip in a shorter one first. In this post, we’ll be venturing back to the rich playground that is Breaking Bad to discuss one of the storylines that never felt like it was quite played to its fullest, namely that of Marie Schrader. Cast somewhat into the background by her brother-in-law Walter’s sociopathic tendencies, Marie nonetheless had some interesting developments of her own, and a quick delve into her character would hardly go amiss.

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Not Too Clever to Get Caught: when deception doesn’t work out

Some of our TV heroes do morally questionable things. Dexter is a serial killer who satisfies his urges by killing people who escaped legal justic. Jackie Peyton of Nurse Jackie is secretly addicted to pain medication. Walter White of Breaking Bad manufactures crystal meth. These are all secrets that they need to keep from their nearest and dearest, yet much of the tension and drama comes from the fact that they ultimately fail to conceal their secrets. In this post, I delve into our favourite TV shows once again to reflect on the success and failure of keeping secrets. Continue reading

Breaking Bad: When Nice Guys Don’t Want to Finish Last

Walter White, age 50, was a nice guy. Downtrodden, put upon, taken advantage of, but a nice guy nonetheless. He slogged through days of teaching high school chemistry to uninterested students, only to then go and work a second job at a car wash just to make ends meet. His family consisted of a wife who quit work to pursue a career as a writer, a teenaged son with cerebral palsy, and an unexpected second baby on the way. He co-founded a company with his best friend, only to pull out and sell his share right before it became worth billions of dollars. He was the kind of guy macho men and alpha males like to taunt and walk all over. And to top it all off, life gave him one more punch in the stomach – Stage IIIA lung cancer.

That was the Walter White we met at the start of Breaking Bad – but it was not the Walter White we knew by the end of it. Continue reading

Nurse Jackie, addiction and how it’s everyone’s fault but mine

Last Sunday, I burnt through the entirety of Nurse Jackie season six in a single day. Even at a point in its run where most series would have run out of steam, the show remains excellent; however, this season felt darker than ever, and even a little painful to watch. Perhaps it’s because this time around I can identify Jackie with someone I was close to in real life, or maybe it’s just that Jackie herself fell ever deeper down the rabbit hole of drug addiction. Either way, with a lot of unresolved feelings surrounding at least one of these statements, I decided to thrash out my feelings in blog form.

WARNING!! Unashamed spoilerage and post-game analysis to follow Continue reading