Reheating chip shop chips

If you’re a UK reader, then you’ve no doubt ended up with leftover chips after ordering fish and chips. Maybe you overestimated the number of portions you needed, or found that the portions were unexpectedly large. Try as you might to chow down, eventually your stomach protests at the idea of any more carbs, and you have to give up. Continue reading

Star Trek Picard: The Next Generation

Beverly Crusher is in trouble – big enough trouble that she needs some serious help from her old friend and former captain, Jean-Luc Picard. And when he receives her distress call, Picard is desperate to help as quickly as possible. There’s just one problem – Crusher has told him not to involve Starfleet. Can Picard and his former first officer Will Riker figure out a way to help Crusher before it’s too late? Continue reading

A Pale View of Hills

Kazuo Ishiguro’s debut novel, A Pale View of Hills, is the author’s first foray into the world of the unreliable narrator. Our protagonist here is Etsuko, an older woman who emigrated from Japan to England some years ago. Etsuko is mother to two daughters – Keiko, who was born in Japan during Etsuko’s first marriage, and Niki, born in England to Etsuko and her second hus Continue reading

Star Trek Picard: Mercy

Picard and Guinan have been picked up by an FBI officer who suspects they may be more than simple denizens of the year 2024 – and that they might be plotting to sabotage the Europa mission. Can they talk their way out of this situation? Meanwhile, Seven and Raffi continue the search for Jurati, and Kore presses Soong for the truth about her origins. Continue reading

Star Trek Picard: Monsters

Picard’s body has been treated, but his mind has retreated deep within itself. The only one who can save him is Tallinn, who puts together the technological equivalent of a mind meld to dive into Picard’s mind and guide him back to reality. Meanwhile, Seven and Raffi search for Agnes, who has almost certainly fallen under the control of the Borg Queen. Continue reading

Star Trek Picard: Two of One

It’s the night before the Europa mission, and maintaining the course of history can only happen if Renee Picard is one of the astronauts on the spaceship. To that end, Picard and his crew infiltrate the pre-launch gala in order to keep a close watch on his illustrious ancestor. But Q has sent Adam Soong to disrupt proceedings, while Agnes continues to struggle with the Borg Queen’s presence inside her mind. Continue reading

Star Trek Picard: Fly Me to the Moon

Having found the Watcher, Picard learns that the turning point of history involves one of his ancestors – astronaut Renée Picard. Renée is due to go on a mission into space in a few days’ time, but her struggles with depression and anxiety mean that she might not make it, and a certain Q seems on hand to discourage her. The omnipotent being also finds time to interfere with the life of Adam Soong, a geneticist looking to find a cure for his daughter’s debilitating condition. Continue reading