Prince of the City

Danny Ciello is a detective in the NYPD’s Special Investigations Unit, a special division given free rein to handle narcotics cases. The SIU have a rather loose approach to the law, frequently dealing drugs and skimming cash for their own purposes. But when Danny’s conscience gets the better of him, he decides to become an FBI informant – on the condition that he will never be asked to turn against his fellow SIU detectives. Continue reading


Ruth Wilder is a struggling actress who longs to put her traditional approach to good use. But when the only job in town is an audition to star in a new women’s wrestling show, Ruth is determined to get the part.

Based on the production of the real-life 1980s TV series Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, GLOW is a Netflix comedy-drama about a group of women who are brought together to produce a women’s wrestling show. Like so many Netflix series, it both has a small but dedicated following, and was cut short before its time – thanks to Covid-19, filming on the fourth season was cancelled. Many people were disappointed by this, but after watching season three, I couldn’t help feeling that maybe the show had run its course already. Continue reading

Star Trek Discovery: Terra Firma, Part 2

Philippa Georgiou has returned to the mirror universe, to the days after Mirror Burnham tried to assassinate her. But this time around, Georgiou is trying something different – instead of immediately executing Burnham, she attempts to rehabilitate her adoptive daughter. But can the lessons in compassion and mercy that Georgiou absorbed aboard Discovery really help her in the vicious and unforgiving mirror universe? Continue reading

Star Trek Discovery: Unification III

As Burnham and Tilly continue to analyse the black box data, they learn that further information about The Burn might be available from the Ni’Var – the modern alliance of Vulcans and Romulans. Burnham decides to use her position as Spock’s sister to convince the Ni’Var to release their data to her, but even an unexpected ally might not be enough to help her convince them. Continue reading

Star Trek Discovery: Scavengers

Grudge cat on the viewscreen

When Book’s ship turns up on autopilot with only Grudge on board, Burnham learns that he got in trouble while tracking down the black box of an old Federation ship -an important clue to the nature of The Burn. Having decided that Book’s welfare is more important than obeying her captain’s orders, Burnham takes Georgiou on an unauthorised mission to rescue him and retrieve the valuable black box. Continue reading