The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: The Jem’Hadar

When Sisko decides to spend some quality time with Jake doing a science project in the Gamma Quadrant, he is less than impressed when Nog and Quark end up coming along as well. But things only go from bad to worse when Quark and Sisko are captured by a mysterious alien warrior race known as the Jem’Hadar. It looks as if the Dominion are finally ready to make contact with the Federation, and they aren’t happy about all these intrusions into their territory. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Crossover

On the way back from the Gamma Quadrant, an accident inside the wormhole sends Kira and Bashir to a very different Alpha Quadrant. They have strayed into the mirror universe last visited by Kirk and his landing party over a hundred years ago. Kirk’s actions radically changed the course of history of the mirror universe, and they do not look kindly on visitors from the other side. Will Kira and Bashir ever be allowed to make it home? Continue reading

The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: The Maquis I+II

When a Cardassian freighter explodes whilst leaving DS9, it turns out to be the work of the Maquis – a resistance group formed by the Federation colonists who found themselves in Cardassian territory after a recent peace treaty. Sisko must track down the culprits and prevent all-out war – but will that mean siding with the Cardassians against Federation citizens? Continue reading