Lost season 3 episode 1: wtf!?

As if Lost wasn’t bizarre enough already, the season opener takes things to new heights as we learn that the Others have their own little suburban utopia in the middle of the island. Yes, on an island in the middle of nowhere, they have modern houses and even a book club. 

Since reeling from that little revelation left me wondering if I was even watching Lost at all, everything seemed to take on an air of oddness. Jack is imprisoned in an underwater hatch under the care of a blonde woman named ‘Juliet’, Kate gets one last shower and breakfast before a promised two weeks of hell, and Sawyer is stuck in a cage where he has to solve a lab rat style puzzle just to get food (in the form of a fish-shaped biscuit and pellets- tasty). What is the series even about anymore?

Flashback: Jack’s nth flashback shows us how he became an obsessive stalker after his wife left him. During his descent into paranoia, he comes to believe that his own father is dating his ex-wife. Jack’s alpha male issues seem to get worse every time we see him; I realise he has to be a somewhat MANLY main character, but does that mean he has to act like an arrogant jerk?

Current mysteries
What are the Others trying to achieve? Is this some test to see if Jack, Kate and Sawyer are worthy of joining them?

Who was the guy originally in the cave opposite Sawyer? I’m inclined to believe he was part of the test.

Why do the Others even have those houses- are they where the head scientists of the project would have lived in comfort? I’m guessing the electricity requirements are supposed to be handled by the convenient geothermal energy that powered the hatch last season.

What is everyone else doing? Of the main characters, we’ve only seen Jack, Kate and Sawyer so far.

Still wondering about…
The Lost Experience video explained the food drops, the vaccine and the numbers, but I’m not entirely satisfied with the answers. Apparently the numbers are factors in an equation that governs the world, and if they are changed somehow, the world is saved from destruction. If this is true for the actual series, it does seem a little too cheesy and ridiculous, even compared to some of the other things Lost has had us swallow.

2 thoughts on “Lost season 3 episode 1: wtf!?

  1. And wot about the wierd black smoke thing?
    n e ideas bout that? maybe i misd somat there but im stil confuses as to wot thts suposed to be! lol

  2. Good point, Matt, I don’t really know what the black smoke is all about either- it looks like an electromagnetic phenomenon but also seems to have a mind of its own. I forgot to write about it here but it’s still at the back of my mind.

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