Lost season 3 episode 2: the moral of the story is only lie when you can get away with it

Sorry for the delay and lack of attention given to this blog; I’ll try to post slightly more regularly from now on.

On the boat

Jin, Sun and Sayid come ashore, where Sayid tries to lay an ambush for the Others. The ambush backfires when the Others don’t react as planned, whilst Sun shoots one of them. The boat is taken by the Others, but Sun, Jin and Sayid all escape their clutches for now.

Sawyer and Kate
Having been shoved in cages, the pair are now shovelling rocks for the Others in their two weeks of hell. Sawyer is typically rebellious, whilst Jack remains equally uncooperative in his hatch prison. To be honest, if I was in their position (and hopefully I never will be), I would at least feign cooperation until I knew what the hell was going on, or could at least lay a concrete escape plan in place.

It’s Sun’s turn this time, starting with a time when she lied to her father and got a maid fired for breaking an ornament, to the consequences of her affair with bald guy. It just so happened that her father walked into the hotel room where they were in bed together and later asked Jin to kill him; Jin spared bald guy’s life, but he jumped out of the hotel window anyway.

Presumably Sun and bald guy did actually sleep together (although Sun said ‘I can’t’ so maybe they just got undressed), but I still believe that Jin is the father of Sun’s baby. If the island can cure cancer and paralysis, Jin’s impotence shouldn’t pose too much of a problem for it.

Revelations and Speculations

  • Jin can understand English better than anyone assumed- hands up who hasn’t seen that coming for a long time.
  • The Others have a connection to the rest of the world (or at least America, but where else matters?).
  • Will we ever see Sun have her baby on the show? At the current rate, two seasons have covered about 75 days, so perhaps around season nine we’ll see it- unless the series jumps ahead in time a la Alias.

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