Lost season 3 episode 4: The Adventures of Sawyer

It’s back to Sawyer and Kate in captivity this week, with more twists and turns than you can shake a stick at.

Smarter than a Bear
Sawyer may have been clever enough to devise a plan to escape from his cage, but he didn’t realise that explaining it out loud to Kate just meant the Others could overhear and foil his attempt to electrocute his captors. In return they take him away and tell him they have put a pacemaker in his heart that will cause it to explode if he gets too excited; in fact, there is no such thing there but it keeps him obedient after he is told they will do the same thing to Kate. Later on, Kate tries to escape by climbing out of the top of her cage, but when Sawyer refuses to accompany her she climbs back in, citing “live together, die alone”.

Doctor Jack
Jack is hauled out of confinement in an attempt to save one of the Others (the girl injured by Sun), but nonetheless fails to do so. He does, however, spot X-rays of a 35-40 year old man with a tumour (presumable Sawyer), whilst the boyfriend of the deceased girl takes his anger out on Sawyer. Kate admits she loves Sawyer to spare his life, but later claims the feelings aren’t genuine. I’m sure she does have some level of feeling for both Sawyer and Jack, but with someone as duplicitous as Kate, it’s possible even she doesn’t know how she truly feels. Sawyer, on the other hand, seems to sincerely care for Kate, but naturally he isn’t about to openly show it.

Back at base camp, Desmond still seems to have his ability to see the future, even setting up a lightning conductor to stop Claire’s ‘house’ from being fried in a storm. Is this a residual effect of the electromagnetic radiation, or is the fact that he was naked after the implosion indicate that he is not the real Desmond, but some sort of artificial construct (farfetched perhaps, but I haven’t spent over a decade watching sci-fi for nothing).

We return to a time when Sawyer was in prison after his failed ‘long con’, only to see him double cross another prisoner in order to earn his freedom. Since Sawyer is one of the better characters, flashbacks about him are always interesting.

Observations and Speculations

  • The X-rays of Sawyer (assuming it is indeed him and not a double bluff) seem to indicate that he has a tumour that could prove fatal in the new future. We already know that the island can cure cancer (Rose) so why would Sawyer have a tumour? Did the island fail to cure him because he was not worthy enough, or it did it even inflict the illness as some kind of punishment?
  • At the end, we learn that the island is actually two islands; the hatches and the main characters are located on one, but The Others’ village and their captives are on the other (hence no escape for Sawyer etc). Until we find out more, however, this doesn’t actually change much; it’s just two islands in the middle of nowhere instead of one.
  • Assuming he wasn’t being conned again, Sawyer has a daughter named Clementine.

Final Thoughts
Another decent episode with some interesting revelations, the old Lost interest is picking up again.


One thought on “Lost season 3 episode 4: The Adventures of Sawyer

  1. Sawyer is one of the most intersting caracters, Throughout series 1 and 2 we see very litte about him and who he truly is. At first I hated his as a caracter; mean, spiteful, selfish and a distraction to what the island is about and what answers all the questions.

    The more I get to know Sawyer he seems to become more like the Island, his effect on other caracters seems brings out their true identity, his love for ‘Freckles’ seems to be genuine but her mixed messages for Jack and Swayer make her seem more darker and not as miss perfect than sawyer himself.

    From the start Jack seemed to the good guy but as things have moved on Jack is becoming, darker while Sawyer seems to be opening up and does not seem as evil as he is potrayed.

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