Lost season 3 episode 6: It probably isn’t a good thing to dislike two of the three main characters

So, poor Eko is dead and buried (those tailies didn’t do so well, did they), but for Jack, Sawyer and Kate, the battle continues. Will Jack operate on Ben? Will Sawyer ever get out of his cage? And will Kate ever stop being so damned annoying?

Sawyer, Kate and Jack: Ready made Love Triangle
Ben is dying, but Jack doesn’t want to do anything about it- even when Kate is hauled in to tell him that the price for not co-operating is Sawyer’s life. Even if he doesn’t care about Sawyer dying, however, he is finally moved to do the operation after he sees CCTV footage of Sawyer and Kate sleeping together in Sawyer’s cage.

Once he gets Ben on the operating table, Jack puts him into a critical condition that will kill him in an hour if nothing is done, thus using Ben’s life as leverage to get Kate and Sawyer set free. Unfortunately, there is one slight hitch- where exactly are they going to go now that they are on another island?

Flashback: Another Sordid Chapter in the Life of Kate
Under the name Monica, Kate once got married to a man named Kevin (played by Nathan Fillion of Firefly fame) and tried to live a normal life, even going so far as to phone her eternal pursuer and ask him to leave her alone. Despite her best attempts to be a housewife, however, the plot had more in mind for her than that, and after the couple started trying for a baby, she realised the normal life wasn’t for her- at which point she drugs Kevin and leaves for good.

Observations and Speculation

  • How was Kate able to evade being captured long enough to have a relationship with a man (a policeman, no less)? If the US Marshalls were willing to chase her to Australia, the fact that she could live an uninterrupted life in the States seems a little incongruous- not to mention her actually phoning her pursuer. Then again, I’m not an expert on US law so maybe it isn’t too implausible.
  • Jack is currently leaving Ben to die on the operating table in order to have his demands met- I was actually surprised that a doctor committed to saving lives could be this calculating, even after all he has been through.
  • Jack wasn’t on the original list of ‘worthy ones’ selected by the Others, so clearly Ben just wanted him captured to do the surgery.
  • Alex claims that her boyfriend was killed by the Others- who was he? And why does she seem concerned enough about Ben to manipulate Jack and the others into wanting to save him?
  • Jack’s sudden change of heart after seeing Sawyer and Kate sleep together seemed a little abrupt; was he heartbroken, or just determined to give the two lovebirds freedom and happiness?
  • Kate is really getting on my nerves now with the way she has to scream, cry and generally be difficult, especially in situations where it would be easiest to go with the flow and find out as much as possible instead of just pointlessly resisting. Note Sawyer’s dignity when he was being held at gunpoint compared to her reaction.
  • Does Kate really love Sawyer? She acts as if she does, but she is too duplicitous for her surface reactions to be trusted. I actually thought her marriage to Kevin was part of another con at first.

One thought on “Lost season 3 episode 6: It probably isn’t a good thing to dislike two of the three main characters

  1. omg y is kate sleepin with sawyer she shuld b sleepin with jack case jack wuld b more better for her and love her but sawyer is just a bad boy and i think that kate feels she has to go with sawyer case of her past , i hope tht kate isnt pregnant with sawyers baby case sawyer wuldnt cope so kate shuld be with jakc everyone has to agree with tht

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