Lost season 3 episode 7: Forget magic CCTV, we have multi-screen

With their CCTV room, the Others can watch everything that happens outside, but unlike the viewers, they have some idea of what’s going on.

Making a Getaway
Jack now has Ben at his mercy, but what he doesn’t realise is that Sawyer and Kate can’t go back to their camp since they’re on a secondary island. Nonetheless, the pair has managed to get out of their cages anyway, even though the Others are on their tail and there is nowhere to go. Fortunately Alex helps them escape their pursuers and offers to let them ride her boat back to ‘their’ island- on the condition that she helps them rescue her boyfriend, Carl. Carl is duly retrieved from a facility where he was being shown some kind of brainwashing tape, and the group prepares to make their escape- only to be ambushed by the Others. As it turns out, however, Juliet shows up and shoots the generic Other so that they can leave- on the condition that Alex remains behind.

On the operating table
Despite the anaesthetic, Ben somehow wakes up on the operating table, and convinces Juliet to go along with letting Kate and Sawyer go (and thus saving his life) by telling her that she will be allowed to go home. With everything thus in motion, Jack sets about saving his life, and successfully completes the operation (despite nicking an artery in the process). Upon learning that his friends are safe, he instructs them not to come back for him- how long will he remain a prisoner of the Others?

Flashback: never trust slimy men and shady research
It’s time to peek into the past of an Other as we take a look into Juliet’s life. As a scientist working on her ex-husband’s research team, life was more than a little awkward for her- especially with him dating one of the research assistants. Unfortunately, matters get even worse when he realises Juliet is conducting unofficial research on her sister and tells her he ‘wants in’ on whatever rewards she reaps.

Meanwhile, Juliet is approached by a company who wants her to work for them in Portland; although she disagrees, claiming that the only way she could be free of her husband’s influence was if he was hit by a bus. As it turns out, this is exactly what happens to him not long after, leaving Juliet free to join the company (whose staff includes Ethan) and discover that they aren’t based in Portland after all…

Observations and Speculation

  • What exactly was Juliet working on in her former life? It is clearly related to pregnancy, since her research involved getting a male rat pregnant and then doing the same for her sister. Her sister is certainly suffering from some sort of illness (possibly cancer, since the scarf around her head suggests hair loss due to chemotherapy), but more specifics are needed. For example, who (if anyone) was the child’s father?
  • On a similar note, was the substance that Juliet was injecting into her sister as part of the research related to the ‘vaccine’ administered on the island?
  • Juliet’s proposed research on the island was to investigate a 27 year old woman with a prematurely aged womb- a project that was supposed to take six months, but left her stranded on the island for over three years. At least we now know that the Others do consist at least partially of stranded scientists, but what went wrong? Or is that nothing went wrong and this is all part of some larger experiment?
  • It seems that Ben is Alex’s father, raising more questions about his past. And wasn’t the French woman her mother- how does it all fit together? At least this explains why Alex was concerned about Ben last episode.
  • Alex’s boyfriend, Carl, was the one who tried to free Sawyer earlier in the season. That probably explains why he was captured- but what was the point of subjecting him to what appeared to be a brainwashing tape? Is it another experiment, a punishment, or a form of control? And if it is the later, why didn’t they try it on Sawyer and Kate?
  • Somehow, the Dharma Initiative are able to arrange for Juliet’s ex-husband to be a hit by a bus, just as she requested. Whilst this seems a little farfetched, it does give us an idea of their power and influence.
  • It’s now clearer than ever that there are indeed different factions amongst the Others, but the various motivations of each group remain unknown.
  • Ben seems to have the ability to let others leave the island, but is instead keeping them there. What is he trying to achieve?
  • Apparently there are reasons why Ben cannot simply be taken to a hospital, but we do not get to learn them just yet.
  • How much of Kate’s “we can’t leave you behind, Jack” emotion was real? When the time came to escape from the cages, she suddenly switched into ‘’business’ mode, as if it was all an act to lull her captors into letting their guard down.

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