Lost season 3 episode 10: There’s good luck, bad luck, and then there’s Hurley

Kate and Sawyer make it back to camp this week, but will the minor characters be happy to see them, or annoyed at the prospect of getting even less screen time?

The old van that just happened to be in the forest
After finding an overturned Dharma Initiative beer delivery van in the forest, Hurley decides to make a project of getting it up and running, but no one else is particularly interested. He eventually manages to persuade Jin to help out, and Sawyer comes along after learning Hurley is partially responsible for taking stuff from his stash.

Even though the van refuses to start, Hurley plans to get it going by having it rolled down a hill whilst he is in the driving seat. He convinces Charlie to join him, telling him that if he can survive this, the “you’re going to die soon” curse will be broken. His friends think he is insane since the van is more likely to crash into the rocks at the bottom of the incline, but nonetheless he persuades them to go ahead with the plan. Happily, the van starts up at the last minute, and an elated Hurley and Charlie drive around in it for a while, with Sawyer and Jin getting in the back once the danger of crashing is over.


Action Heroine Kate

Kate isn’t about to give up on Jack, and so she decides to mount a solo expedition to rescue him (foolish Kate, when have your independent actions ever gone right on this island?). Sayid and Locke go after her to join her party, with Locke knowing where to go from the way the light shone on Eko’s stick. First, though, they need to stop in to see the French woman, and Kate plans to make her cooperate by informing her that the others have Alex- most likely her daughter- in their custody.


Flashback: Hurley and his father

After a glimpse at the days when young curly-haired (and thin) Hurley tried to fix a car with his dad before watching him head off to Vegas, we return to the bad luck that graced his post-lottery days. After a meteorite hit the Mr Cluck’s chicken restaurant he had just bought, Hurley began to wonder if there was a curse on him, and if it wouldn’t be better to just get rid of the money. Concerned at her son’s wellbeing (and her own need to satisfy some carnal desires), Hurley’s mother contacted his father, asking him to come back into his son’s life. With the prospect of all that money looming in front of him, Dad was quick to agree, and even went as far as to pay a psychic to pretend that Hurley was under a curse which she could break. $10,000 was enough to expose the ruse, however, and Hurley decided that his only choice was to go to Sydney if he wanted to unravel the mystery of the numbers.


Observations and Speculation

  • I should have noticed/pointed it out earlier, but the sixth number, 42, is also the infamous answer to ‘Life, the Universe and Everything’ according to Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. Coincidence, or further evidence that these are the essential numbers of life?
  • Whatever the numbers are, let’s assume that their effect is to alter probabilities, but since total ‘luck’ has to be conserved, if you use them to produce a peak of good luck, the balance means that there will be a trough of bad luck following it. Hurley’s bad luck seems to have dissipated since getting to the island- is this because the island magically reset it, or had the bad luck finally balanced the good once the plane crash occurred?
  • Although I don’t really believe in this theory, let’s just consider the possibility that the island is all one big game- in effect, a sort of game show version of The Truman Show. When the island talks to Locke, it is akin to the director/overseer of the game giving out hints to help him ‘win’.
  • Hurley’s mother didn’t let him eat candy bars, but in the end it didn’t make much difference. Young Hurley was quite cute, however.
  • Sun is now only talking to Jin in English in an effort to force him to learn the language.

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