Lost season 3 episode 15: We’re just two girls on the go!

With the interlude episode with, it’s time to check up on how our heroes are doing in the custody of the Others.

How to leave town: Other style
Still a captive of the Others, Kate is not in the best of moods, and the situation only gets worse when Locke visits to bid her goodbye- the Others are moving on, and he is going with them. As a parting gift, they roll a gas canister into her room, and the next thing she knows, she’s back in the jungle- handcuffed to Juliet.

Although Juliet claims that she too has been left behind, tensions between the two women are high, especially when Juliet reveals that Jack did what he did because Kate broke his heart by sleeping with Sawyer. There isn’t really time for such discussions, however, as the smoke monster is abroad in the forest- and Juliet doesn’t seem to have a clue what it is!

Although they manage to evade the creature once, it soon comes after them again, forcing the two women to make a run for it. Once they reach the perimeter of the strange ‘security fence’, Juliet reveals that she had a key for the handcuffs all along, and quickly separates them before activating the security devices and using them to drive off the monster. Kate isn’t best pleased to discover that Juliet chose not to unlock the cuffs together because she was scared of being left behind, but nonetheless the pair make it back to the Others’ village. There, they meet up with Sayid and Jack, and after Kate makes a heartfelt apology to Jack, he decides that they should head back for their camp- and despite Sayid’s objections, Juliet is coming with them.

Be nice, Sawyer
After coming over to see Sawyer, Hurley mentions that he might be in trouble- the other survivors have had a discussion, and their consensus is that they want to exile Sawyer half a mile down the beach. Although Hurley claims there may be a way to make amends, Sawyer dismisses his concerns, claiming he can fend for himself.

Unfortunately, after finding himself unable to even gut a fish, Sawyer is forced to admit he probably won’t make it alone, and comes back to Hurley to ask him to help do whatever it takes to swing the vote in his favour. Hurley suggests that Sawyer start being nicer to people, and with great effort, Sawyer does his best, first chatting with Claire before heading out with Desmond to help hunt and cook a boar. As everyone relaxes and enjoys their meal, Sawyer realises that there was no vote- Hurley just made that up. Hurley admits he tricked Sawyer, but also points out that he has earned valuable points with the group- essential if he is to become their leader. Sawyer has little wish to take up that role, but with Jack, Kate, Locke and Sayid gone, he cannot escape the fact that he is the most suitable choice.

Flashback: Kate makes a new friend
A few months after Kate first went on the run, she meets up with Sawyer’s ex-lover and con victim Cassidy (as seen in earlier episodes). Sensing their similar situations, the two strike up a friendship, resulting in Kate admitting that she wants to see her mother one more time and ask why she turned her own daughter in. Cassidy agrees to help, and in the guise of selling Bibles, turns up at Kate’s mother’s door wearing an outfit designed to make her resemble Kate.

When she is immediately apprehended by FBI agents, they realise that they are up against some significant opposition, but nonetheless, Kate does not want to give up; instead, the two women cook up a plan that enables to catch her mother in the toilets at work. There, Kate confronts her mother, who tells her that despite his abuses, she loved her husband, and that Kate killed him out of selfishness rather than altruism. Since they are still related, Kate’s mother tells her that she will give Kate time to escape this once, but not to expect the same courtesy should she ever show up again.

Afterwards, Kate thanks Cassidy for her help whilst wondering why she doesn’t turn in Sawyer for what he did to her. Cassidy admits that she still loves Sawyer, and that she is pregnant with his child.

Observations and Speculation

  • This episode really brought something home to me, and that is how impatient I’m getting for answers. I’m sick of not knowing what the hell the island is about, and because of this my long term relationship with the series is getting very shaky right now. It just feels like the writers are delaying with every step, because once they start giving out answers that’s it for the series.
  • Here we see that Cassidy genuinely loved Sawyer, and that Clementine is indeed his child. Of course, we know that she will turn him later- could this be because of Kate’s words?
  • Juliet genuinely does not seem to know what the smoke monster is- is this because she was not privy to the knowledge that a ‘senior’ Other might be given, or is it genuinely something that the group has no knowledge of? If it is a construct of the island’s consciousness, it may well be something that the Others are not familiar with, although one would expect them to have encountered it at some point.
  • Where are the Others going now that they have left the village? Are they heading back to the second island, or to another village or hatch?

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