Lost season 3 episode 18: Breeding Stock

I was just wondering if the writers had forgotten about Sun’s pregnancy and here they come up with a whole episode about it- for once they have fulfilled my expectations.

Sun and Juliet: Conception and Misconceptions
Sun’s pregnancy is progressing well, but when Jack starts asking questions about it, she gets suspicious- what if he is in league with the Others and wants to steal her baby? Kate tells her that Jack is just concerned, since they have learned from Juliet that pregnant women on the island experience difficulties.

With that in mind, Sun confronts Juliet, who explains that all the pregnant women on the island have thus far died. That night, Juliet comes to Sun and tells her to come with her to the medical hatch; there, they can use an ultrasound machine to determine the date of conception- if Sun got pregnant before coming to the island, she will be fine, but if it happened on the island, she will most likely not survive.

Unfortunately, for Sun such news is nothing to be pleased about, for as she eventually explains to Juliet, she is doomed either way. If she got pregnant before coming to the island, then the infertile Jin certainly cannot be the father- instead, the baby would be a result of her affair. On the other hand, if she got pregnant on the island (a possibility since the island raises the sperm count, thus rendering Jin fertile), she is most likely going to die. Whatever the case, the truth must be discovered, and so Juliet takes her to a hidden section of the medical hatch to perform a scan. The scan reveals the truth- Sun got pregnant around eight weeks ago, and since she has been on the island for around ninety days, that means Jin must be the father. It is most likely a death sentence for Sun, but even so she is happy just to know that her husband is the father.

Promising to do everything in her power to save Sun from her fate, Juliet takes her outside and then goes back in to apparently cover their tracks. As it turns out, however, she is just recording a report for Ben about Sun’s pregnancy, and her next task will be to get samples from Kate and the other women amongst the survivors…

Desmond, Charlie, Jin, Hurley and Mikhail…wait, didn’t he die?
Desmond’s party may have rescued the mysterious girl, but things aren’t looking good; not only is she repeating “I’m dying” in various languages, but it seems as if she isn’t exaggerating- a branch has punctured her lung. The only hope of survival is to get her to a doctor, but since they are an eight hour walk from the camp, there is little chance of either moving her back or going to get Jack. Even so, Desmond is determined to do something, and even as he argues with Charlie about going back for aid, help of sorts steps out of the jungle- Mikhail.

Since he was once a field medic, Mikhail offers to save the girl’s life, on the condition that the group let him go and act as if he was never there. Recognising him as an Other, Charlie is unwilling to comply with his wishes, but Desmond insists that they agree to Mikhail’s terms so that the girl can be saved.

Upon emptying her lung of the accumulated blood, Mikhail straps her wound and tells the group that it will heal swiftly. As he heads back into the jungle, however, Jin races after him and stops him from walking off with the girl’s satellite phone. This move does little to resolve the tensions that are growing up between the team, but soon they are offered a new distraction- the girl is ready to talk. Hurley is quick to tell her that they are survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, but when he asks if she is here to rescue them, she has unexpected news. The plane from that flight has already been recovered in the outside world- and there were no survivors…

Flashback: Sun the Newlywed
Back in the early days of their marriage, Sun and Jin had just moved into their new apartment when Sun is approached by a mysterious woman. The woman knows all about her and her marriage to Jin, and she threatens to reveal that Jin’s mother is a prostitute if she isn’t given 100,000 dollars in three days.

Even though Jin has told her his parents are dead, Sun cannot help but worry about what the woman said, especially as he has no photos of his parents, and his story about his father’s death seems inconsistent. She ends up tracking down Jin’s father and learning that his mother was indeed a prostitute- a fact that was kept from Jin to spare him any further shame. Jin’s father makes Sun promise that she will never reveal that she knows about his parents, and for the sake of her husband, she agrees.

Determined to prevent the woman from revealing her secret to Jin, Sun goes to her father and asks for the money, stating only that it is to protect someone she loves, and that in exchange, she will continue to pretend that she doesn’t know about the dark and dirty side of her father’s business. Her father gives her the money, but states that there will be a price- Jin must work to pay off the debt by becoming a part of that underground part of his company. Even this is not enough to deter Sun, however, and she takes the money.

On the appointed day, Sun goes out to see the woman, who she has by now deduced is Jin’s mother. She gives her the money, but tells her not to try anything else- for if she does, Sun will use her family’s influence to transform the lie about her being dead into the truth.

Observations and Speculation

  • We now know for sure that Sun slept with another man, and although I was thrown a little by her staunch declaration that she hadn’t, it is hardly surprising when they were naked in bed together. That being said, as I suspected, Jin was the father since the island ‘healed’ his infertility by raising his sperm count.
  • Among its other healing properties, the island causes a male sperm count to rise to five times the average- this means that any sexual relationship is highly likely to cause pregnancy in a fertile woman (does it raise female fertility too?). This means we should keep an eye on Sawyer and Kate, since they may well have already conceived a child.
  • I’m starting to like Juliet more now that she has evolved a personality beyond just being saccharine Other. Her conflicted status and her entrapment by Ben make her more sympathetic now, although her actions are still not to be trusted.
  • Somehow, Mikhail survived the seemingly fatal encounter with the security system; he even says “I already died once this week”. Is this further evidence of the island’s amazing healing ability, or, at a stretch, is he a replica of the original?
  • Although it seems most likely that the fact Oceanic Flight 815 has been ‘found’ is the work of the Others or the people behind them (enabling them to use the survivors for their breeding experiments), let’s just entertain another theory for a moment. What if everyone really did die on the plane, bringing us back to the old afterlife/purgatory theory, or the island is actually some sort of virtual reality and their consciousnesses are now trapped in it? Although Kelvin, Michael and Walt all appear to have left the island in the past, did they really?
  • Speaking of Flight 815, it’s taken me all this time to notice that 815, is 8 15, two of The Numbers.
  • Now that Sun knows the ‘pregnancy curse’ occurs at conception and affects women in their second trimester, she is in a position to work out that what happened to Claire should not have been due to it. Will she figure this out? What exactly is the implant in Claire anyway?
  • If no one really dies on the island, is it possible that deceased characters like Boone, Shannon, Eko, Ana, Libby etc could potentially come back?
  • Finally, this has nothing to do with this episode, but weren’t we supposed to see more of Libby’s past through the flashbacks of other characters this season? I can’t say I’ve noticed her, unless she’s lurked in the background somewhere.

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