Heroes season one episode 6

Claire and Bennet
Bennet has arranged for Claire to meet her biological parents, but if Clare was hoping for insights and answers into her strange abilities, she is to be sorely disappointed. The meeting with the “bio-parents” as she ends up calling them, is awkward and largely impersonal, ultimately giving Claire nothing in the way of answers and little desire to see them again.

Meanwhile, Bennet gets a call from his agent Eden (more on this little revelation below), relaying the “save the cheerleader, save the world” message. Could he be the key to keeping Claire safe?

Notes: Unless it’s a double bluff, it looks like Claire’s “bio parents” are either not her real biological parents, or have been connected to Bennet all along- certainly the fact that he found them so easily and the look his exchanges with “bio dad” after the meeting seems to indicate that this was most likely arranged for the sole purpose of discouraging Claire from delving deeper into the mysteries of her real family. In fact, I wonder if she was placed into Bennet’s care in the first place because there was something different about her.

In other observations, Claire takes a baking tray out of the oven without using a towel or oven glove- clearly she is still interested in testing her abilities.

Peter and Isaac

After receiving a call from Hiro, Peter relays the message from future-Hiro and tells him to come to New York so that they can collectively figure out how to save the mysterious cheerleader. Looking back at the paintings, Peter is determined to figure just where this cheerleader is, but neither he nor Isaac have any clue where to begin, and worse yet, the first painting in the ‘comic strip’ depiction of her fate is missing, having already been taken by Simone to be sold. Where should they go from here?

Hiro and Ando
After finally making a successful call to Isaac and being told to go to New York, Hiro and Ando are ready to go on their way when they are once again stopped by the man they cheated. This time, he doesn’t want to hurt them- instead he wants their help to cheat another gambler.

The poker session begins, and as instructed by Ando, Hiro is to make their new ‘friend’ wins, if not too big. When Hiro gives Ando a good hand, however, his friend’s reckless betting leads him to faint, and in the ensuing events, Ando realises that their ‘friend’ has a gun trained on him. He quickly hustles Hiro off to the bathroom, but even as they are deciding what to do, someone else enters the room and slaughters everyone there. Hiro is distraught that he could not use his powers to save them, but Ando is only focused on one thing- getting both of them out of there alive.

Notes: Hiro is just such a great character- I love all his lines and it’s easy to see why he has become so popular. Even better this episode was Ando’s “it is the way we go” as an excuse for why he and Hiro need to visit the toilet together.

Niki, Micah and D.L.
D.L. reveals himself to Niki, and despite her reservations about seeing him again, she tells the officers outside that nothing is amiss so that she can listen to his story. D.L. explains that whilst on their pre-planned job to get two million dollars, he was set up and his crew was killed- now he needs Niki to accompany him on a journey to get the name of the woman who set him up and thus clear his name. Niki agrees to go with him the next morning, and eventually invites him into her bed.

The next morning, Niki and D.L. set off early to see the man who can clear his name, but to their horror, everyone at his place has been ripped apart (this is the same killing Hiro and Ando heard from the bathroom). Worried that he will never be able to clear his name, D.L. returns home, but for Niki, there is something else to worry about- the killings are the same as the ones in her garage, and given that there are periods when she blacks out and cannot remember what happened, she begins to suspect herself.

In fact, Niki is right to do so, for when she is alone in her room, she is addressed by her alter ego with some disturbing news- she was the one who set D.L. up and killed the men the previous night, and if Niki doesn’t go along with her, D.L. will surely find out and take Micah away.

Fearful of that happening, Niki follows her alter ego’s directions and finds the two million dollars stored in her attic, but when she comes downstairs with the money, D.L. catches her and tells her that if this is the truth of things, he is going to take Micah away. At the mention of this threat, her alter ego takes over and attacks D.L., but thanks to his ability of phasing through objects, he is able to get the better of her, ultimately reaching into her body and seemingly stopping her heart.

Notes: This is the storyline that seems the most typical at the moment, with the evil alter ego being able to take control whenever she wants (I need to know more about the conditions for her taking over) and forcing poor Niki to go along with her. It’s clear that she is devoted to Micah, but I’m not sure why she set D.L. up in the first place since that seems to be what caused all these problems (wouldn’t he and Niki have got the two million anyway?). I want to see where all this goes, but it seems a bit of a generic setup so far.

Mohinder and Eden
Having seemingly turned up nothing to justify his father’s research, Mohinder decides to go back to India, but Eden tells him that even though he thinks he has given up, he will be back. In fact, Eden is working for Bennet, and whilst he isn’t pleased to learn that Mohinder has left the country, Eden assures him that there is nothing to worry about- he will inevitably. In the meantime, she passes on the message about saving the cheerleader and thus saving the world, before proceeding to her next assignment- visiting Isaac.

Notes: So Eden is working for Bennet- I should have seen it coming, but since I didn’t think too much about her, I completely failed to do so.


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