Heroes season one episode 7

Zachary comes over to Claire’s house with good news- he has just found the video of her ‘suicide attempts’, and it seems as if it was in his backpack all along. Claire is annoyed that he made such a fuss when it wasn’t really lost, but Zachary could swear that it wasn’t in there the last few times he checked. Anyway, Claire takes possession of the video, and her secret seems safe- at least until her little brother Lyle finds it and starts playing it on his computer when their parents are out.

Claire finds Lyle in the middle of playing the video and quickly disconnects it from the computer, trying to cover up what he has seen by claiming it was all done with special effects. A disbelieving Lyle decides to test Claire’s invulnerability by using a stapler on her hand, and when she does indeed heal instantly, he gets scared and locks himself in the car.

Together with Zachary, Claire tries to coax Lyle out, and although he is initially unwilling to trust them, Claire insists that he must keep this a secret, or they won’t be able to be a family anymore. Realising he doesn’t want to lose his sister, Lyle lets himself and is sworn to secrecy.

Notes: I really shouldn’t read spoilers as I know what’s coming next for Zach, but predictably that video is causing trouble already. How long will it be before someone else finds out about Claire?

D.L. and Micah
D.L. takes Micah away from the house with him, but as they drive down the highway, they come across a crashed car that is about to go up in flames. Hiro and Ando have also stopped to help, and between D.L.’s ability to phase through the car door and unlock it from the inside, and Hiro’s ability to stop time just before the explosion, the occupant is saved. Nonetheless, once he hears the police have been called, D.L. is quick to drive on.

Whilst D.L. stops off at a gas station, Micah sneaks over to an apparently out-of-order phone, and using a special ability of his own, he temporarily repairs it in order to call Niki. Unfortunately, her alter ego Jessica answers, and all she is interested in is finding out where D.L. is so that she can get back her son.

Notes: Once again I knew from spoilers that Micah was a ‘technopath’, but now that it’s been introduced, we can see it developed a bit more. If only Micah didn’t remind me of a hundred other slightly annoying precocious kids (Walt from Lost, anyone?).

Niki awakens after D.L.’s attack, but now that Niki is more aware of her alter ego’s presence (she even refers to her as Jessica), she is beginning to get scared. She tries to confide in her best friend, but naturally Tina is unwilling to believe that is anything more than a psychological problem- at least until Jessica emerges and scares her away.

Notes: I still need to know what determines when Jessica comes out- is it a physical threat to Niki or Micah that triggers it?

Peter and Nathan
After a dream in which he talks to Simone’s father, Peter wakes up only to be told that he has died- and that his last words were about flying with Peter. Despite being confused about this odd coincidence, Peter and Simone visit Isaac’s apartment, only to discover that he has cleared it out and gone somewhere.

Meanwhile, Nathan’s wife and mother are preparing an event for a member of the press; an unexpected turn of events given that his wife Heidi has been hiding herself away ever since a car accident confined her to a wheelchair.

Heidi is determined to face the world and show them she is strong, but awkward questions about Nathan’s part in the accident and his recent bizarre actions at the casino seem impossible to dodge- at least until Peter arrives. He has found out from Simone that the missing painting was sold to Linderman, and he wants Nathan to contact him. Nathan is unwilling to do so, but Peter is determined to make him cooperate, first dropping ambiguous statements referring to his flying ability, before covering up for his brother by claiming that his recent actions were all because he was searching for a mental health clinic for his brother. In return, Nathan calls Linderman and asks for the painting.

Right before work the next morning, Matt is almost ready to come clean to his wife, but when he overhears her worry that “he knows”, he backs off. At work, he is approached by Audrey so that they can follow a lead that may take them to Sylar. They go to an apartment where a man has been incinerated and radiation levels are unusually high, but after they track down the culprit to his dying wife’s bedside, Matt is able to calm him by telling the man her last thoughts. It becomes clear that this man isn’t Sylar, and Matt goes back to work- only to overhear his best friend casually thinking that he is sleeping with Matt’s wife. Angered at this revelation, Matt punches him in the face.

Notes: I’m not sure how he got out of the collapse at the convenience store, but I knew something was set to topple his marriage rebuilding efforts. I didn’t really get the part about the radioactive man, though- was that supposed to be his special ability?


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