Heroes season one episodes 11-12

These episodes were shown as a double bill on BBC2, so in true lazy fashion I shall write a combined post for them both.

Hiro and Ando
Ever since Charlie’s death, Hiro has felt his powers slipping away from him, but nonetheless, he isn’t about to give up entirely. He and Ando visit Isaac and tell him of his impending fate, with their words backed up by the comic from the future. Hiro also spots another future painting of himself wielding a sword, and decides that he needs just such a thing to regain his powers.

Indeed, in a local museum there is a katana that once belonged to the legendary hero Kensei, and Hiro becomes convinced that this is the blade he needs- the only problem is that without his powers, stealing it seems nigh impossible. Nonetheless, with a great effort, Hiro manages to slow down time to a treacle flow, giving him enough time to get the sword out of its case and run off.

Unfortunately, on examining his booty, there is yet more disappointment to be had- the sword is a fake, and the real thing is with Linderman. The two men decide to return the replica and start a new quest- tracking down the real katana.

Niki, Micah and D.L.
Poor Niki is powerless to do anything as Jessica shoots at her husband, although thanks to his phasing ability, D.L. is able to avoid a bullet to the head- getting off with only an injury to the shoulder. Supported by Micah, father and son head off into the forest where they take shelter in an unused cabin, but Jessica is close behind, and only the fact that she turns back into Niki is able to save her family from disaster.

Fearful of what Jessica may do, Niki turns herself into the police for murder, but even in prison Jessica keeps coming to the fore and violently attacking the guards. Only drugs can keep Jessica in check, but when both personalities emerge during a talk with her lawyer, he decides that maybe psychiatric help is the answer.
Notes: There’s a kind of tiresomeness about this storyline- I just want to cut to the chase and see something done about Jessica.

Having been taken into custody, Peter is troubled by strange dreams which seem to connect him with the other people who have powers, and his day only gets worse when Audrey and Matt arrive to question him. As it turns out, however, Matt cannot read Peter’s mind- in fact, Peter ends up being able to pick up some of Audrey’s thoughts.

Later, Peter is visited by Claire, before Nathan finally arrives to bail him out. Peter feels he is beginning to understand the nature of his power, but when he has a dream of a future where he absorbs too many different powers and ends up exploding, the stress of learning that the destruction of New York is his fault puts him in a coma.

Eventually, however, Peter awakens, realising that he cannot stay in New York the way he is now. Instead, he plans to fly to a far away place like the Nevada desert in order to keep everyone safe (although as it turns out, there seems to be a person with special abilities already locked up in a Nevada facility), but when he is out on the streets, he spots someone casually robbing other people whilst going completely unnoticed. He confronts the man, who seems surprised that anyone can see him…
Notes: Ah, Christopher Eccleston is here at last- this should be good. 

Claire has admitted everything to her father, and after talking to Peter and being questioned by Matt and Audrey (who can get nothing telepathically since the Haitian is blocking Matt’s ability), she is allowed to go home. Unfortunately, Bennet wants to ‘clean up’ the situation, and so he sends the Haitian to remove both Lyle and Zach’s memories- and even as Claire expresses her worry that an enemy has gotten to them, he sends the Haitian to her as well. Nonetheless, it seems the Haitian isn’t entirely faithful to Bennet, as instead of wiping her memory, he tells Claire that is important she does not forget, although she must of course pretend to her father that she has.

Now alone and unable to confide in anyone, Claire desperately tries to persuade a cynical Zach that they were friends until just recently, even going so far as to make him once again film her jumping off a bridge and instantly healing. Will this be enough to get their friendship back on track?

Bennet and Sylar
Now that Sylar is in custody, Bennet’s people would like nothing more than to see his life ended, but unfortunately, orders from above are to keep him alive. Nonetheless, Eden decides to take action on her own, entering Sylar’s cell and attempting to use her persuasive powers to make him kill himself. Unfortunately, Sylar proves immune to her persuasion, instead turning on Eden and killing her.
Notes: I wasn’t expecting Eden to die this early on, but I suppose now Sylar will have her power too. Since it’s only halfway through the season, I don’t see him staying in custody for very long.

Matt and Audrey
After questioning Peter and Claire, Matt decides they should stake out Primatech Paper in order to keep an eye on Bennet, and despite the presence of the Haitian, Matt is able to strain his abilities to the limit to catch the word “Sylar” in Bennet’s mind. Convinced that this is proof that Sylar is in there, Matt convinces Audrey that they should order a raid on Primatech Paper, but to his disappointment, absolutely nothing is found. Even so, Matt is determined not to give up, but continuing will not be so easy, for this apparent blunder is about to cost him dearly.


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