Heroes season one episode 13

Niki, D.L. and Micah
Much as she would like to be with her family, Niki knows it is best for everyone to stay in prison, and even when D.L. offers to help her get out, she tells him to concentrate on looking after Micah instead. Unfortunately, parenting is not coming easy to D.L.- Micah seems to prefer the way Mum does things, and his attempts to hold down a job are less than successful.

Wanting to help out in his own way, Micah decides to use his ability to talk to machines to get all the cash they need from an ATM, before showing his father the money and explaining that he too has a special power. Meanwhile, back in prison, a psychiatrist wants to help Niki- but in order to proceed, Jessica must be let out…Notes: I wonder if Micah was caught on CCTV taking the money, unless his ability lets him avoid that too (he may or may not be smart enough to take that into consideration). Overall, however, I find this Jessica storyline rather frustrating.

Hiro and Ando
Hiro and Ando have attracted some unwanted attention, and in an attempt to avoid their pursuers, they hide out under a car in an indoor car park. Unfortunately, when the car pulls away, they are discovered, captured and placed in a van, where, to their surprise, they learn their captor speaks Japanese. Worse yet, when they reach their destination, they are confronted by none other than Hiro’s father…
Notes: Nice touch using George Takei as Hiro’s father.

Peter and Claude
Having met up with Claude the invisible man, Peter decides he wants to learn from him- especially as Claude seems to have met people like him before. Unfortunately, Claude isn’t interested in helping Peter- he lives a quiet life with his pigeons on top of the building where Simone’s father lived, and he doesn’t want to get involved with anyone.

Meanwhile, Nathan decides that Peter needs help of a different kind, and brings Mohinder out to see him. Unwilling to work with either of them, Peter bids a quick retreat- and to his surprise Claude helps out by approaching so that he can share his invisibility power. With the window left open, Nathan assumes Peter borrowed his ability to fly away- unaware that his brother has a new ally.

Feeling particularly alone and bereft of support, Claire arranges a meeting with the Haitian by hanging wind chimes in her window, and whilst he is not pleased at her using what is supposed to be an emergency method for contacting him, he agrees to talk with her about her real parents. He doesn’t know anything about her father, but he provides enough clues for Claire and Zach to be able to track down a lead to her mother- an old news article about a mother and baby who supposedly died in a fire many years ago. Deciding that this must be a story about herself and her mother, Claire decides to track down the relatives of the woman in the article- one Meredith Gordon- and after phoning up various Gordon families to find her relatives, she ends up on the phone to Meredith herself…
Notes: Well, I already know who Claire’s father is, but it will be interesting to see where this storyline goes. Also, if Claire survived the fire, does that mean she had her healing power from birth? And if so, why did she only discover it six months ago- after all, kids usually get into all sorts of scrapes whilst growing up.

After having been ordered to keep him alive, Bennet is less than pleased to hear that Sylar has died in captivity, and he duly heads down to Primatech Paper to check up on the situation. Upon entering Sylar’s cell and uncovering the corpse, however, he discovers that it is the body of one of his own men- Sylar is still very much alive, and now he has Bennet at his mercy…
Notes: Like Sylar was going to die that easy- all too predictable.

After his apparent mistake in ordering a raid on Primatech Paper, Matt is called in front of a review panel, and although his mind-reading ability helps him avoid complete disaster, he still ends up with a six month suspension. Luckily for him, however, things are going better at home- he has told his wife about his ability, and after sharing a few hours exploring the novelty of this, she lets him into a little secret- she is pregnant.
Notes: I can’t help wondering if Matt is really the father given her affair, but let’s hope he is (in which case, the baby may have some abilities). In the meantime, I’m happy that Matt’s revelation didn’t derail his marriage- the poor guy needs a break.

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