Heroes season one episode 14

Hiro and Ando
Hiro and Ando are taken before Hiro’s father, who is far from pleased- as the head of a prestigious company, he cannot bear to lose face because his son and heir is making a fool of himself on an American road trip. Hiro insists that he is pursuing an important mission, but Nakamura is having none of it- if his son is unhappy with his office job, then he can just take on the role of company vice president here and now.

Hiro is less than pleased with this prospect- not only does he have his own agenda, but his sister Kimiko is far more suited to taking over the running of the company. For his part, Ando is more interested in getting Kimiko’s phone number, but in the meantime, Hiro comes up with a plan. Going back to his father, he agrees to take on the role of vice president, but immediately suggests a simplistic and unworkable business plan. Kimiko immediately steps in and starts arguing with her, putting in her own more viable suggestions- just as planned. Now, their father can see that Kimiko is the logical choice to become his successor, and so he lets Hiro go on his way.
Notes: Score one for Kimiko- you go girl.

At the urging of her newly appointed psychiatrist, a fearful Niki reluctantly lets Jessica out- but as she feared, nothing good can come of it. Easily able to break out of her handcuffs, Jessica savagely murders the psychiatrist, leaving Niki more convinced than ever that she needs locking up.

Unfortunately, however, fate has other plans for her, with one of Linderman’s men showing up to tell Niki that she is free to go- a man on Death Row has conveniently confessed to Jessica’s crimes, and so now Niki is being sent home. It is the last thing Niki wants, but matters are to get even worse, for once home, Jessica takes control of their shared body.

Bennet and Sylar
Having turned out to be not as dead as reported, Sylar is able to effect an escape whilst leaving Bennet locked in his cell. He immediately heads for Claire’s house, and whilst Claire herself isn’t home, he poses as a Primatech employee and gains her mother’s trust. After a while, however, he makes his move, and when Sandra tries to take flight, he attacks her. Fortunately, Bennet and the Haitian arrive in time to stop him, but Sylar flees from the scene; not wanting his wife to get dragged into this, Bennet has his wife’s memory erased- and not for the first time.
Notes: It seems like Sylar used some kind of special ability to gain Mrs Bennet’s trust so quickly (perhaps Eden’s power of suggestion).

Now that she has made contact with her real mother, Claire wants to meet her, but in order not to raise suspicion, she tells her (adoptive) mother that she and Zach need to skip school to visit an aquarium as part of their supposed research project. With this alibi in place, Claire heads down to meet her mother Meredith, and after revealing her ability, she is surprised to learn that Meredith has a special power of her own- she can create fire.

Curious about the other side of her parentage, Claire also asks about her real father, but Meredith tells her she will have to work on that and get back to her on a future visit. After Claire goes home, however, she puts in a call to Claire’s real father- who is none other than Nathan Petrelli.
Notes: I already read spoilers about Claire’s father, so this was no surprise, but it remains to be seen what direction this development will take.

Peter and Claude
Claude is finally willing to teach Peter to control his powers in the hopes of avoiding New York’s meltdown- and the first step is to get him to be able to control the ability to draw out the powers of others. Unfortunately, Peter’s first attempt to remain invisible outside of Claude’s presence is unsuccessful, and an annoyed Claude tells him that he will never succeed as long as he remains too attached to people. In Claude’s view, people are small, selfish and untrustworthy, and as if to demonstrate that, he and Peter invisibly watch Isaac and Simone together on the roof of the Deveaux building.

Even so, Peter is unwilling to change into a misanthrope, and so Claude decides to put his abilities to invoke others’ powers to the test- by pushing him off the roof. Although Peter is unable to tap into Nathan’s ability to fly in time to avoid crashing into a taxi, he does call up Claire’s healing up- along with the realisation that his powers work not when he ignores others, but when he thinks of them.

Meanwhile, on the request of Simone, Isaac has been trying to paint Peter, but every attempt comes up blank- until the turning point of his rooftop fall. Reporting to Bennet, Isaac realises that he was painting Peter all along- it was just that he was invisible. Hearing this, Bennet realises that an old friend who he long thought was dead is very much alive…
Notes: Good old Christopher Eccleston- I just love his character in this.

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