Heroes season one episode 15

Having contacted Nathan to let him know that their daughter is alive, Meredith is quick to secure money from him, although upon hearing that her biological father has been found, Claire wants more- such as an actual relationship. Meredith tries to persuade her that all her father will be good for is giving the two of them cold hard cash.

Meanwhile, Nathan’s mother tries to persuade him not to get involved with Meredith again- the last thing they need is to rake up a scandal like this right before the election. Nonetheless, Nathan cannot help but go and visit and Meredith, and the couple hold a conversation in her trailer- unaware that Claire is hiding outside listening to their every word.Notes: I wanted to like Meredith, but it seems she may well be going down the manipulative “play two sides against each other” route with Claire and Nathan, presumably for her own benefit. Meanwhile, it seems that Bennet noticed the wind chimes in Claire’s window- will he connect them to the Haitian?

Hiro and Ando
With no way of getting close to Linderman, Hiro’s chances of getting the sword seem slim- what they need is a little hope. With that in mind, it almost seems like destiny when they meet a woman named Hope who needs help getting a bag back from her unpleasant boyfriend, and although Hiro is a little sceptical, Ando- ever the sucker for a pretty face- insists they help her.

In the guise of room service, the two men infiltrate the boyfriend’s hotel room, locating Hope’s pink bag under the bed and sneaking off with it. Unfortunately, Hope is not all she seems, and once she has the bag in her possession, she locks Hiro in a storage cupboard and drives off with Ando as a hostage.

Matt and Jessica
Since he’s on unpaid suspension from the police force, Matt takes a job in private security, taking on what he believes to be a low risk job protecting a client. What he only learns on the job is that his client stole money from Linderman in order to buy diamonds- and that Jessica has been sent to kill him. Thanks to his telepathic ability, Matt is able to hold his own, but Jessica’s abnormal strength and confusion over the apparent second killer Niki (whose thoughts Matt can hear) lead to the client ultimately getting killed. And when the police show up, Matt gets so irked by their thoughts of his incompetence that he uses something he heard in his client’s mind to work out where the diamonds are hidden and pocket them for himself. Meanwhile, Jessica declares her mission successful, and is given another one by Linderman’s people- this time, she must assassinate Nathan.

Mohinder and Sylar
When Mohinder is contacted by Zane Taylor, a man who has just manifested special abilities, he makes arrangements to visit him, but unfortunately for Zane, Sylar gets there first. After seeing Zane demonstrate his ability to melt solid objects just by touching them, Sylar kills him- and when Mohinder shows up, he pretends to be Zane. As well as demonstrating the ability he absorbed and giving Mohinder a DNA swab from Zane’s corpse, Sylar arranges to travel with Mohinder so that they can seek out other people with special abilities- on the pretext that he will be able to put potentially scared and nervous people at rest by demonstrating that they are not alone in manifesting new powers.
Notes: Silly, sill Mohinder- that’s the bad guy you’re travelling with. At first I thought this ability wasn’t too useful, but I can see that it would have its applications.

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