Heroes season one episode 16

Mohinder and Sylar
Unaware that ‘Zane’ is really Sylar, Mohinder takes him to meet another person with special powers- Dale, a mechanic with superhuman hearing abilities. Dale is initially sceptical of the pair, but she becomes convinced to listen to what Mohinder is saying when Sylar demonstrates his ability to melt solid objects. She agrees to cooperate with Mohinder’s tests, and they make arrangements to meet again the next day.

Unfortunately, there is to be no next day for Dale, for Sylar returns on his own later to kill her and acquire yet another ability. On their return visit, Sylar is clearly struggling to control his new superhuman hearing, whilst Mohinder is in for an unpleasant shock when he sees Dale’s body. Naturally, the scientist wants to call the police, but Sylar persuades him not to- after all, they will be considered the most likely suspects, and being detained will only interrupt their search. With that in mind, the two men drive onwards.

Notes: Mohinder is seeming incredibly naïve at the moment- is his love of science interfering with his judgement?

Peter, Claude and Isaac
On the rooftop of the Deveaux building, Claude attacks Peter in an attempt to make him defend himself with his powers, and to his surprise, Peter accesses a telekinetic ability that he must have absorbed from Sylar. Unfortunately, their training is about to come to an abrupt end- after finally painting him for Bennet following several failures, Isaac has guessed that Peter must be invisible, an ability that Bennet seems all too familiar with.

Having been tracked down by Bennet and the Haitian using heat sensors, Claude does not want to stick around. It seems he has some past connection with Bennet, and now that his hiding place has been discovered, his best option is to run- leaving Peter behind. Angry at losing the only person who could help him, Peter realises that Isaac must have been the one who betrayed him, and heads to his apartment to confront the painter. Isaac remains defiant- not only does he resent Peter for taking Simone, but he knows that shooting him could stop Peter exploding and taking New York with him. Naturally, Peter has no intention of being shot, and foils Isaac by turning invisible, but it all goes horribly wrong when a paranoid Isaac shoots at a figure in the doorway- a figure that turns out to be Simone.
Notes: Well done, Isaac- you just killed off another character. I’m actually finding Peter quite arrogant and dislikable now that he has access to all these powers, but I must also wonder if he absorbed Sylar’s other powers, or if he can’t use them because he doesn’t know Sylar has them.

Matt and Ted
Ted has been confined to a secure bunker in the Nevada desert, but to his surprise, he somehow receives an instant message on his laptop- despite not being connected to the internet. In fact, he has just been approached by a woman named Hana, whose ability is to wirelessly interface with computers. Both Hana and Ted have been tagged with a tracking isotope by Bennet and his people, and Hana believes it is time they found them and got answers.

Meanwhile, Matt is having yet more trouble at home. Having given his wife a ring which she had valued at $40,000, he is forced to come clean about taking the diamonds, and naturally she wants him to turn them in to the police. Matt seems reluctant, and is all too happy to be saved from further action by a phone call from Ted.

As arranged over the phone, Matt meets up with Ted and Hana, who tell them about their quest to find answers and claim that their evidence leads them to Bennet and Primatech. Given the failed FBI raid, Matt is initially sceptical, but ultimately agrees to go along with their plan to get answers out of Bennet directly.

Claire and Bennet
At the end of last episode, Mrs Bennet was acting strangely, failing to recognise either Mr Muggles or Claire herself. Now, she seems back to normal, but Claire is still worried, even going so far as to warn her mother that her husband may not be as benign as he seems.

And indeed, all is not well, for in short order, Mrs Bennet collapses again, and is sent to the hospital, where she is diagnosed with brain damage in the area that controls memory. Claire tries to tell the doctors about the Haitian and his ability to remove memories, but naturally they do not believe her. Frustrated, Claire confronts her father, revealing that she remembers everything and that she doesn’t trust a man who would do something like this to his own wife. Bennet explains that he was only trying to do what was best for his wife by shielding her from painful memories like Sylar’s visit to their home, but Claire is not convinced- she would like nothing more than to run away, but she wants to be there to protect her mother and Lyle from Bennet.

In short order, Claire’s mother is discharged from the hospital and sent home, but when they get there, there is an unpleasant surprise waiting for the family. Matt and Ted are there- and they aren’t about to let the family go anywhere until Bennet gives them some answers.
Notes: Claire’s rant at Bennet was a bit clichéd and typical, but Sandra’s illness is more worrying- would anyone suffer the same condition if the Haitian used his power on them too many times, or is it just a rare and unfortunate occurrence?

Hiro and Ando
Having been locked in a closet by Hope, Hiro is happy to be let out, even if it is by the very man they stole the bag from. Naturally, the man wants to go after Hope, and Hiro accompanies him in order to save Ando.

In due course, they catch up with Hope and her de facto hostage, and whilst a fight breaks out between the two thieves, Hiro reunites with Ando and they take shelter. Unfortunately, Hope finds them and prepares to shoot Hiro, but he unconsciously uses his power to send the bullet back into the barrel and knock the gun out of her hand.

Whilst the police show up to arrest the two criminals, Hiro and Ando return to their rental car, but Hiro has decided things cannot continue as they are. He does not want to see Ando put in any further danger, and so he orders his friend to go home, before boarding a bus alone.

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