Heroes season one episode 17

Hostage situation at the Bennet house
Despite his reluctance, Matt goes along with Ted’s plan to get information from Bennet, but whilst they are scouring his computer for data, the family returns home, and it soon escalates into a hostage situation. In their search for answers, Matt tries reading Bennet’s mind, but when he starts thinking in Japanese, Matt turns to Claire instead, whose thoughts reveal what she knows about Bennet.

Unfortunately, Ted’s emotional state is not in the most stable of conditions, and the realisation that he could blow up if provoked forces Matt and Bennet to start surreptitiously working together. On telepathic advice from Bennet, Matt shoots Claire and they carry the body upstairs, where, unbeknownst to Ted, Claire swiftly revives.

After formulating a plan, Matt and Bennet head back down, where Bennet claims he has the answers they are looking for at Primatech Paper. Ted decides to stay with the family whilst Matt and Bennet go down to Primatech, but when a revived Claire sneaks downstairs to rescue her mother and brother, he immediately becomes suspicious of Matt. Nonetheless, they are able to negotiate a deal- just as Bennet’s boss Thompson arrives and shoots Ted, setting him off.

With Ted about to go critical, everyone is in danger, but aware that only she can survive the intense heat around him, Claire goes in and injects him with a tranquiliser. Whilst she manages to save everyone with her actions, Thompson sees her, and now that he is aware of her ability, he wants Bennet to bring her in. Unwilling to do this, Bennet arranges to make it look like the Haitian attacked him and went on the run with Claire- even going so far as to have his memory erased to keep her safe.

Flashback- Bennet’s life with the Company
Many years ago, Bennet got a job at a paper factory that wasn’t a paper factory, working for a man named Thompson. His job was to bring in people with special abilities, and his partner in this endeavour was to be none other than invisible man Claude Rains.

Bennet and Claude worked well together for a while, serving their bosses (including Hiro’s father), and in Bennet’s case, even adopting baby Claire under their orders. In time, however, Claude became disillusioned with the glorified vivisection the ‘Company’ was performing on people with special abilities, and when it was discovered that he had helped one escape, Bennet was ordered to terminate him. Their confrontation ended with Claude apparently falling off a bridge and dying- it would not be until many years later that Bennet would realise he was still alive.

In Claude’s place, Bennet was assigned a new partner in the Haitian, an apparently mute man who was taken in at the Company as a boy. Meanwhile, the line between work and home had already blurred, with Bennet seeing Claire less as an assignment and more like a true daughter.

Notes: Bennet had been seemingly a little two-dimensional of late, so this episode was a nice vehicle to expand his character with a healthy dose of back story. Meanwhile, we learn some little snippets such as the fact that not everyone knows the Haitian can talk, and that Hiro’s father is more than an incidental character.

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