Heroes season one episode 18

With his memory erased, even the mental probing of the captured Matt Parkan cannot incriminate Bennet, and so despite Thompson’s suspicions, he is released and given a new partner in the form of the shape shifting Candice. Their first assignment is to get Isaac out of trouble, with Candice effectively ending the FBI enquiry into Simone’s death by posing as her when they come round to question the artist.

Meanwhile, at home, all is not it seems- before he had his memory erased, Bennet confided in his wife, and now she reveals that his past self told her everything, even leaving a note ordering himself not to go after Claire. It seems that Bennet may have a new ally in Sandra, but everything goes wrong when he accidentally exposes himself not to his wife, but to a disguised Candice. And now that they have proof of his deception, the Company are quick to bring Bennet in.Notes: For a moment I thought Sandra might get a decent role for a bit, but now the story has moved on. Oh well, at least Heroes has its Mystique character now.

As it turns out, Nathan has been working with the FBI to bring down Linderman, and now the time has come for him to wear a wire into a meeting with the man himself. Unfortunately, Linderman is already onto him, and has sent Jessica to kill both him and the FBI agents that will be supporting him.

As ordered, Jessica takes out the two agents, but by the time she reaches Nathan, Niki is back in control. Niki tells Nathan that Linderman knows about the wire, but Nathan resolves to meet the man anyway- and kill him. Nonetheless, once he reaches his destination, he is thrown off by Linderman’s calm demeanour- and by the revelation that Linderman knows about those with special abilities.
Notes: I was imagining Linderman as some fat mafia boss, but he’s actually one of those genial older men types. It seems some revelations will be in order next episode.

Claire and the Haitian
The Haitian is trying to take Claire to safety, but the last thing she wants to hear is that not only will she not be able to see her family, but that even going to see Peter is out of the question. Desperate to avoid being sent away to Paris, Claire steals the Haitian’s passport and boarding pass at the airport, and makes her way to New York to see Peter. When she arrives at the Petrelli household, however, she is greeted by Peter and Nathan’s mother Angela, who informs Claire that not only is she her grandmother, but that she was the one who sent the Haitian to get Claire to safety in the first place.
Notes: I hate the “teenager causes trouble by rebelling against people who are risking themselves to protect her” storyline, but this is presumably leading up to the series finale. Meanwhile, Angela Petrelli reveals herself as yet another person who has more to do with the storyline than previously suggested- how will this pan out?

Having left Ando in an attempt to go it alone, Hiro is having difficulty already- he can’t even gain access to Linderman’s casino. Without his powers, there seems to be no way past the guards, at least until Nathan comes along and uses his influence to get Hiro inside the building.

Heading to the museum, Hiro delivers Isaac’s torn painting (his pretext for being there), before taking the opportunity to locate the sword. Just as he is about to take it, however, the curator sets off the security alarm and a guard is summoned- although as it turns out, the guard is Ando in disguise! After all they have been through, Ando isn’t ready to go home yet, and his intervention has been most timely- although even Ando cannot deal with all the real security guards that are about to come and restrain them.

Fortunately, with the sword in his hands, Hiro is finally able to use his powers and teleport them away- but their destination is some five years in the future, a New York that has been devastated by the very explosion Hiro had hoped to avert.
Notes: Ando’s appearance was almost too convenient- how did he get the guard’s uniform and then know where to go? Still, that’s a question for the nitpicker to ponder.

Mohinder and Sylar
Mohinder isn’t as naïve as he appears- he is actually well aware that “Zane” is Sylar, and now he is about to do something about it. After drugging Sylar’s tea, he hooks him up to an IV that should keep him immobile and prepares to take the next step- killing him in revenge for the murder of his father.

After keeping him talking, Sylar is able to summon enough of his telekinetic powers to turn off the IV and turn the tables on Mohinder by stopping the bullet he fired at the mass murderer. Just as it seems that it is all over for the scientist, however, Peter arrives in search of Mohinder, distracting Sylar. Realising that Peter is like him in being able to absorb others’ powers, Sylar slams him against a wall and prepares to help himself by cutting open Peter’s skull.
Notes: Mohinder’s “this is revenge” line wasn’t very convincing but at least he worked out who Sylar was- I hate it when brilliant scientists can’t seem to deduce the simplest things.

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