Heroes season one episode 19

Bennet, Matt and Ted
Bennet, Matt and Ted have been captured by the Company and execution seems nigh- but naturally, none of them have any intention of sitting around and waiting for death. Instead, Bennet projects his thoughts to Matt, outlining a plan of escape. Under Bennet’s orders, Matt rips a piece of pipe off the wall and uses it to knock out the first guard to enter his cell.

Under Bennet’s directions, Matt navigates his way to a supply room, changes clothes and heads out to free Ted. After what happened at the Bennet house, Ted is somewhat unwilling to trust the others, but Matt persuades him that this is better than being killed. With security alarms now ringing, Bennet teaches Ted how to use his power to create an EMP rather than a nuclear reaction, thus bringing down the security system for long enough to get Bennet out as well.

Having escaped, the three men plan their next move at the Burnt Toast café- by staying in a public place, the Company shouldn’t make a move against them. Having listened in on Thompson’s thoughts, Matt has found out something that even Bennet doesn’t know- the Company is actually working for Linderman. Nonetheless, Bennet overrules the idea of going straight to Linderman in Las Vegas- instead, they must head to New York to take out the tracking system that lets the Company go after anyone who has been injected with the isotope used on Ted and Matt when they were brought in.

Now that he has a captive audience in Nathan, Linderman decides to explain himself to his visitor. A long time ago, he too discovered that he had a special power- the ability to heal others- and in due course he banded together with the other Heroes of his generation in order to help people. Unfortunately, however, some of his associates became obsessed with using their powers for personal gain, causing Linderman to realise that healing one person at a time was not enough- he needed to do something that would act as a major catalyst for change.

To that end, Linderman entirely supports the plan of letting Peter explode in New York- yes, many people will die, but in his mind it will be an acceptable loss of only 0.07% of the population- a small price to pay if it means that the rest of the world will rally together. And based on Isaac’s paintings, Linderman knows that the US President who will lead them through those dark times is none other than Nathan.

Unwilling to listen to any more, Nathan leaves- but can he escape the path that fate has laid out for him and Peter?
Notes: I’m somewhat disappointed that Linderman is a classical “destroy the world to rebuild it” villain.

Thanks to his healing ability, Peter is easily able to recover from Sylar’s initial attack, but even though he can elude his attacker by turning invisible, a man who has just learned to control his powers is no match for a skilled murderer. Using his telekinetic ability, Sylar sends shards of glass flying around the room- and one strikes Peter in the back of the head, lodging in the brain and killing him.

Having regained his courage enough to sneak up on Sylar and knock him out, Mohinder takes Peter’s body back to the Petrelli house, where Nathan and the newly arrived Claire are devastated to learn of his death. It is hardly the best time for a family reunion, but nonetheless Claire wants to see Peter one last time- and when she notices the glass in the back of his head, she pulls it out, reviving him. As Nathan remarks, Peter may even be able to survive a nuclear explosion, but with the cost in innocent lives so high, Peter still wants to avoid this outcome.
Notes: If even a nuclear explosion can’t kill him, is Peter (and by extension Claire) immortal? Will they age at a normal rate? If their bodies were cut in two, would the two pieces need to come together and fuse, or could each half regenerate into a full body? Would there be memory loss if the memory centre of the brain was damaged? There are many, many questions about this ability.

At the Petrelli house, Angela explains that the best thing for Claire is to go to Paris, where she will be safe from the ‘madness’ that is the growing situation involving those with special powers. Claire is resistant to being sent away, but Angela tries to convince her that she has been looking out for her granddaughter’s best interests for years, even if one of her actions was to let Nathan think she died in the fire years ago.

As it turns out, all developments are interrupted by the situation with Peter, who believes that Claire must be key to saving New York. He tries to convince Nathan to spend time with her and ask her to stay, but even though Nathan talks with Claire, he agrees with his mother- she should at least go to Paris for a week so that she doesn’t cause any unwanted attention in the elections.
Notes: It seems that Angela is more than she appears- she already knew about her sons’ talents and is most likely involved with Linderman and his plan.

Having drawn the future, Isaac knows that his time has almost come, and so he sends off the final edition of his comic, depicting Hiro in the future.

Having awakened from Mohinder’s assault, Sylar visits him shortly afterwards to take his life, only to find Isaac accepting of his fate- he even claims that he has prepared a message that will show the others how to stop Sylar and avert disaster.
Notes: I didn’t care much for Isaac but neither did I want him killed off; also, Sylar now has his predictive ability.

Jessica and Micah
Despite D.L.’s objects and threats to take away Micah, Jessica is unwilling to terminate her relationship with Linderman- but she is in for an unpleasant surprise when her employer tells her that he will need to borrow Micah for a while. Jessica insists that Micah is off limits, but Linderman is a man who is used to getting what he wants, and he isn’t about to stop now. Since Jessica won’t co-operate, he has Candice turn into her and send Micah away with him- just moments before Jessica herself comes home.

One thought on “Heroes season one episode 19

  1. “is Peter (and by extension Claire) immortal? Will they age at a normal rate?”

    find out the answer to that question in season 2 😉

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