Heroes season one episode 20

A dismal future
Hiro and Ando have just landed five years in the future, and it isn’t a pretty sight- despite their efforts in the past, it seems that the explosion happened after all. Desperate for answers, the two men head to Isaac’s apartment, and although the man himself is no longer there, someone else is- future Hiro. Over the last few years, he has turned the apartment into a criss-crossing web of timelines, hoping to pinpoint which events could be used to change the past.

Unfortunately, even as they study the timeline, Matt Parkman and his team burst in in pursuit of one Hiro Nakamura- and the Hiro they pick up is the one from five years in the past. Naturally, a quick scan of Hiro’s mind reveals that he has no knowledge of anything more recent than five years ago, but nonetheless, they aren’t about to just let him go. Instead, Ando and future Hiro are going to have to rescue him, and if they want to do so, their best bet for assistance is one Peter Petrelli.

To that end, they pay a visit to Peter’s girlfriend- who turns out to be none other than Niki. Niki now works as a stripper under the alias Jessica, and according to her, Peter isn’t interested in helping out. As it turns out, Peter is at the bar (albeit invisible), but Ando and future Hiro have already moved on to ask help from someone else- Bennet.

In an era where people with special abilities are hunted down, Bennet has become part of an underground movement created to help them stay under the radar and live normal lives. In an attempt to secure his help, Ando tells him that in the past Claire was saved and is not dead like everyone assumes. As a matter of fact, Bennet already knows this since he was the one who helped Claire adopt an alias and start a new life as a waitress in Texas. Now that others know about her, however, Bennet insists to Claire that she must move on, but she is reluctant to do so- she has made a life for herself here and will be shortly marrying her fiancé, a man who knows nothing about her past.

Bennet is also hiding another secret, however; in exchange for being left alone to help those with minor special abilities, he turns in the most deadly and dangerous, and now he is about to sell out Future Hiro to Matt Parkman and his superior- one President Nathan Petrelli. Unfortunately, Matt wants something else from Bennet, and after extracting Claire’s location from his mind, he kills him.

In fact, President ‘Nathan Petrelli’ is not Nathan at all- he is the apparently deceased Sylar, and now that he knows where Claire is, a part of his plan can finally fall into place. By killing Claire, he can finally take her powers of healing, rendering him nigh invincible.

Meanwhile, future Hiro and Ando have decided to go ahead and try to rescue Hiro, but Peter has changed his tune- having been reminded that he was the one who caused the explosion (despite the official line that it was Sylar), he decides to assist with their raid on the facility where their friend is being held. Unfortunately, all the special abilities in the world are useless when confronted by the Haitian’s power blocking ability- at least until another unexpected ally steps in in the form of Mohinder. Disillusioned with the present situation, Mohinder decides to help Hiro and Ando go back so that they can change the past for the better, and to that end he kills the Haitian so that future Hiro and Peter can use their powers once more.

As the situation heats up, future Hiro is killed and Peter is drawn into battle when Sylar arrives on the scene, but with Mohinder’s assistance, Hiro and Ando are reunited and sent back to their own time, complete with a drawing depicting Hiro slaying Sylar. Now back in the present, the innocent office worker Hiro must shoulder the burden of killing another man to save New York, but can he do it?

An interesting ‘what-if’ episode with a few twists and turns, not to mention proof that Peter can survive even a nuclear explosion. I don’t really want Hiro to have to kill someone or turn into his depressing future self, though- I like him the way he is.

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