Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special

The series is over, the winner has been crowned- but a few weeks previously, the Christmas Special was filmed. Comprised of the final four from 2007 alongside previous winners Darren Gough and Mark Ramprakash, the Christmas Special saw them perform modified versions of selected routines to Christmas music, with an audience vote in place of the public one. Who would walk away with the star-shaped trophy?

The dances

  • Mark and Karen opened proceedings with a jive- a dance that Mark messed up in the actual series after losing the timing and not achieving the requisite sharpness. This time around, he was able to pull it off, and whilst his technique didn’t seem to be 100%, he had the performance side of it down- great fun to watch.
  • Alesha and Matthew performed a cha cha, but the lack of Beyoncé and inclusion of a more relaxed disco style rather than formal cha cha weakened the routine as compared to its original version. Overall, it was a bit of fun but not up to the standard Alesha set in the main show.
  • Gethin and Camilla chose to forego a flashy Latin number in favour of a beautiful waltz, which scored a perfect 40/40. The elegance of the dance worked in Gethin’s favour, and he pulled it off well- there’s nothing else to say except to add some more praise.
  • Letitia and Darren performed their elegant foxtrot once more, with an included lift and a lovely green dress. Letitia managed to pull off some difficult heel leads, whilst her posture was much improved over early weeks on the series.
  • Darren and Lilia reunited after two years for an American Smooth- the perfect dance to show off performance. Darren did very well after two years off the dance floor- and his hands, so often lamented on the show, actually looked noticeably improved over those far-off days.
  • Matt and Flavia finished up with a rumba- a dance that has always been difficult for male celebrities, but one which he managed well both here and in the show. He managed the hip action for the most part, whilst his lines are always good- for once Arlene can’t complain about a male celebrity’s hands.


  • Professional performance: in between the dancing and the announcement of the results, Anton, Erin, Vincent, Nicole, James and Ola danced whilst a group of young children provided the singing- I could have done without the kids singing but seeing Anton on the floor more than made up for it (of course all the other pros danced well too, but a fangirl must pay attention to her subject).
  • The final result: With the audience vote and judges’ scores combined, Gethin and Darren were the top two, with Darren walking away with his second Christmas special trophy. His dance was good, but given that he’d won both the third season and 2005 special I would have liked to have seen the equally worthy Gethin walk away with the trophy to make up for not getting to the finals of season five. Oh well, such is life.

That’s all for my Strictly 2007 coverage- if all goes well, come back in 2008 for series six!


2 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special

  1. Hmm… Darren actually danced last, and also got 40/40. I thought it was an outstanding routine, and although I’d have been happy to see Gethin win, for me it was really Darren who stole the show.

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