Heroes season one episode 21

Jessica, D.L. and Micah
Micah is now being kept at Linderman’s with Candice impersonating his mother, but Micah is too smart not to realise that something is amiss. He tries to use his ability to escape, but Candice fools him with illusions, and after reverting to her true form, she promises Micah that if he tries to get away, she will show him visions that will really mess him up.

Meanwhile. D.L. decides that he must go and retrieve Micah, and on Niki’s insistence, Jessica reluctantly accompanies him. Upon reaching Linderman’s, they gain access to his vault, only to see evidence that Linderman has been keeping an eye on them for years- thanks to their abilities, they are like a pet project to him.

Sylar, Hiro and Ando
Having killed Isaac, Sylar is now able to use his ability to sketch the future, revealing that he will gain the ability to explode. Worried, Sylar calls Mohinder, but when the scientist starts dialling 911, he hangs up.

Meanwhile, Hiro and Ando pay a visit to Isaac’s apartment in search of the artist, but when they find Sylar instead, they are quick to hide- only for their heartbeats to be heard by Sylar’s enhanced hearing. Before they can be discovered, Hiro and Ando teleport away but continue to track Sylar- after all, if the future is correct, Hiro is going to have to be the one who kills him.

Uncertain as to what to do, Sylar goes home to his mother Virginia, who is clearly the driving force behind his desire to be special. Virginia believes her son is destined for great things, and that he could easily become President some day. An uncertain Sylar wonders if it isn’t enough just to be a simple watchmaker, because for him to special he has to kill people. Even so, he decides to demonstrate his abilities to his mother, only to frighten her into declaring that Sylar is no longer her son. In the ensuing confrontation, Virginia gets stabbed with a pair of scissors, and a reluctant Hiro decides to use the opportunity to jump in kill Sylar. Even with Sylar’s encouragement, however, he cannot do it, and instead teleports away with Ando, leaving Sylar to reflect that it must be his destiny to use his powers and become President after all.
Notes: Interesting reverse foreshadowing here, since of course in the future of last episode Sylar was President. It seems his mother has a lot to answer for in terms of leaving him a little mentally unstable- behind every villain is a tragic family life, it seems.

Peter and Claire
Claire has agreed to leave the country, but Peter insists that she stays- if it was so important to save ‘the cheerleader’, then she must have a part to play in all this. In fact, with Thompson already in contact with Peter, and Ted in the city, it seems more logical that Peter should be the one to leave, but Peter disagrees- he believes that he can control his power, and if he cannot, then Claire must be the one to kill him.

Unfortunately, it seems as if Peter will indeed fail, for when he and Claire encounter Bennet, Ted and Matt, he starts glowing with an ability he is unable to control…
Notes: Here comes the Big Bang.

Mohinder is contacted by Thompson, who agrees to help him find Sylar if he will do something in return- cure a sick little girl named Molly. Molly has a special ability that enables her to find anyone, but the disease she is now suffering from stops her from accessing it- and as it turns out, it is the same disease that Mohinder’s sister died from. His father reputedly found a cure just too late to save his sister, and after some thought Mohinder realises that he is the cure- like many families, his parents had him as a healthy child in the hopes that his blood would provide the vital antibodies. Although he was born too late to save his sister, Mohinder is able to use his insight to save Molly, who rewards him with a picture of a star to keep away the “bogeyman”.

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