Lost season 4 episode 2: New characters- collect all four for a special prize

Naomi’s team lands on the island
In the jungle, Jack and Kate run into Dan- a somewhat absent minded physicist who claims to have parachuted in from a helicopter. Jack is delighted at the prospect of rescue, but Dan is more concerned with linking up with the other three members of his party, all of whom can be located on the satellite phone via their GPS transponders.

Although he seems mild-mannered enough, the fact that Dan is carrying a gun gives both Jack and Kate cause for concern, and when they meet up with Dan’s ally Miles, the tension increases. Just before Naomi died, she used the code words “tell my sister I love her” to indicate that she had been attacked, and Miles is immediately suspicious of Kate, who was with her when she died. Kate explains that it was Locke who killed Naomi, but Miles insists that he won’t know the truth until he sees her body. Jack and Kate don’t really understand what he can deduce from seeing the body, but nonetheless they lead him there, where he satisfies himself as to their story.

Meanwhile, Charlotte has parachuted down into a tree, and when she releases herself to fall into the water below, she attracts the attention of Locke and his party. Charlotte is amazed to find survivors, but apparently confused as to why they are so cagey with her- they seem unwilling to either trust her words or be rescued, even going so far as to attach her GPS transponder to Vincent the dog and release him into the forest for Jack’s team to find.

Things take a turn for the worse when Ben somehow gets hold of a gun and shoots Charlotte- although as it turns out, she was protected by a bullet proof vest. With Sawyer insisting that Ben is a continuing liability, Locke realises that he will have to shoot him, but Ben insists that he still has vital information for them- the newcomers are here on the island because they are looking for him, and he has an agent on their boat.

Elsewhere, Miles is still suspicious of Jack and Kate, but the tables are about to turn when an armed Sayid and Juliet arrive. Now the survivors are in charge, and the party goes about finding the final member of the helicopter team- Frank, the pilot. To everyone’s surprise, Frank set the helicopter down safely, providing them with a way out, but when he realises that Juliet isn’t a survivor of Oceanic 815, his attitude changes. If she is a native, she can lead them to their objective- Ben.

Flashbacks- the headcase, the ghostbuster, the anthropologist and the drunken pilot

  • Dan is watching the news when a report is made about Oceanic Flight 815; for some reason, this causes him to start shaking.
  • Miles is a medium who makes his money from communicating with the deceased. On one assignment, a grandmother asks him to contact her murdered grandson, who is haunting his bedroom upstairs. After a brief exchange, Miles discovers that the grandson has hidden a bag of money and drugs behind the wardrobe- in fact, it seems this is no more than what he expected to find. After pocketing the money, he returns the drugs to their place, leaving the grandmother with only the knowledge that her grandson has passed on to heaven.
  • Charlotte is an English anthropologist who has just intruded on a French-run dig in the desert. After paying her way in, she examines the skeleton of a polar bear and digs up a collar with the Dharma name and one of their logos.
  • Frank is the pilot who was supposed to fly Oceanic 815 until his friend was called in as a replacement. Now, as he sees the apparent wreckage of the plane and the body of the pilot, he realises something is amiss- the corpse has no wedding ring, but his friend never took his off. Determined to get to the bottom of this, Frank phones the Oceanic helpline, and gets put in touch with a mysterious man.

For whatever reason, all four of these people are selected to go with Naomi on a Mission Impossible style venture to find one Benjamin Linus (as directed by the mysterious black man who visited Hurley in the mental institution). Naomi isn’t sure if she can babysit these rookies, but eventually agrees to do so.

Observations and speculation

  • Like Juliet, Ben doesn’t seem to know about the smoke monster- what exactly is it?
  • Presumably the desert polar bear is simply from an earlier Dharma experiment, but what is their obsession with bears?
  • It’s a shame that Naomi has died since she seemed a potentially interesting character, but she may well appear in flashbacks.
  • Let’s think for a moment about why the four new characters were recruited for this mission- Charlotte had already uncovered information about Dharma, Frank knew the drowned plane was a fake and Miles has his ability to speak to the dead (probably useful on the island), but what does Dan add to the team?
  • Locke is leading his team to Jacob’s cabin for some reason, but the place Hurley saw the cabin in was not the same place as where Locke and Ben visited it. What is this mysterious indestructible cabin with its quietly rocking chair?

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