Lost season 4 episode 3: The Hit List

Lost: Prisoner Exchange
Miles is unwilling to let anything proceed until Charlotte is retrieved, and so Sayid claims that he will be the one to get her back- without bloodshed. To that end, he is unwilling to let Jack go along, and so Jack tells Kate to go along- after all, as long as Sawyer is with Locke, she should be safe.

After Locke tries and fails to find Jacob’s hut, he leads his party to the barracks, but by the time Sayid arrives, he seems to have left. The only person they find is a bound Hurley, who claims that Locke left him behind after they had a disagreement. As it turns out, however, Hurley is just a plant, and in short order Sawyer approaches Kate, whilst Locke apprehends Sayid.

Ultimately, however, the two parties make a deal- Sawyer walks away with Charlotte, but in return he leaves Miles and Kate behind. Fortunately, Frank doesn’t care much for Miles, and he agrees to fly the helicopter off the island, with Naomi, Sayid and Jack as passengers. The others are happy to stay behind, but Daniel warns Frank to take the exact same bearing on the way back as he did on the way in, for his experiments in firing a payload from the boat to his location led to something strange- the payload arrived late, and with a clock that was over half an hour out of sync with his own timepiece. Does time flow differently on the island?

Found: Sayid in Berlin
Sayid is out on the golf course in the Seychelles when a man approaches in his cart. At first it seems like an innocent meeting, with the pair putting a wager on which is the best golf club for the next shot, but when Sayid admits he is one of the Oceanic Six, the mood becomes strangely tense. The man now seems keen to get away, and well he might, for as he goes to leave, Sayid shoots him.

Later, Sayid is at a café in Berlin when he has another apparently chance encounter with a woman named Elsa, but again, there is more to this than meets the eye, for Sayid has been asked to make contact with her by his mysterious boss. Over the next few weeks, Sayid and Elsa begin a relationship, but just as it seems that things must get serious, Sayid admits the truth- he is using her to get to her boss, and if she doesn’t want to get implicated in his death, she must flee. As it turns out, however, Elsa already knows the truth, and before Sayid can act, she shoots him in the shoulder. Her plan is to keep him alive long enough to find out who he is working for, but instead she leaves herself open, and Sayid is the one who takes her life.

His job done, Sayid returns to his boss to have his wound treated- and as it turns out, his employer is none other than Ben. Sayid has been reluctantly drafted into working for Ben, and Elsa’s boss was just one name on a long list of targets. Sayid is worried that now their enemies will know he is coming, but Ben doesn’t seem to mind- if anything, he welcomes it.

Observations and Speculation

  • There seems to be some sort of time dilation going on between the island and the rest of the world- does this somehow tie in with the strange magnetic phenomena? (yes, the science is suspect, but when hasn’t it been?)
  • We now know that Sayid is one of the Oceanic Six, but we still need to see the events that forced him to work for Ben. In fact, what is Ben trying to achieve anyway?
  • At the barracks, Ben has a room filled with passports and banknotes of different currencies- an indication that he is most likely more well travelled than he admits.
  • Locke now seems to be actively seeking guidance from Jacob, but he was unable to locate the hut whilst Hurley was- is Jacob part of the will of the island, or separate?

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