Lost season 4 episode 4: double-bluffs and triple-crosses

Lost: Locke’s autocracy
Now that Kate is with Locke’s group, she wants to see Miles, but there is one problem- Locke isn’t about to tell her where he’s being kept. Fortunately, Hurley also knows, and it isn’t difficult to trick him into revealing that Miles is imprisoned in the boathouse.

Armed with this information, Kate goes to visit Miles, who claims that he isn’t unhappy about his imprisonment- on the contrary, this is exactly where he needs to be. Kate is desperate to find out if he and the people on the boat know who she is, but Miles will only reveal that information if he can get her an audience with Ben.

Whilst Sawyer lures Locke out of his house, Kate takes Miles down to the basement to speak with Ben. Miles reveals that he is willing to tell his allies that Ben is dead, but in return he will want remuneration of some $3.2 million. Ben is his usual equivocal self about making the deal and so Kate decides that their time is up, but no sooner does she get Miles to tell her that he knows exactly who she is and what crimes she has committed than Sawyer and Locke return. Unhappy at what has happened, Locke tells Kate that she is no longer welcome- she must go back to the beach by morning.

Nonetheless, Kate doesn’t leave right away- instead, she spends the night with Sawyer. The next morning, however, she is less than willing to respond to Sawyer’s advances, although she does reveal that despite their earlier liaison, she is definitely not pregnant. When Sawyer breathes a sigh of relief, Kate wonders if having a child would be so bad, leading to an argument which ultimately results in her deciding to go back to the beach. Before she goes, however, Sawyer adds fuel to the fire by claiming he isn’t concerned- in a week or so she’ll get angry with Jack and come crawling right back.

Down at the boathouse, Locke decides that Miles needs to be incarcerated more securely, and in place of merely tying him to a chair, he ties his hands to the ceiling, removes the pin from a grenade and places it in his captive’s mouth- Miles will be fine only as long as he bites down on the trigger.

Meanwhile, as night falls on the beach, Jack is becoming increasingly concerned about his inability to contact the boat on the satellite phone. After repeated failures, Jack and Juliet persuade Charlotte to reveal that there is also an emergency line to the boat, and once they get someone to answer, they ask if the helicopter has arrived yet. As far as the boat is concerned, however, the helicopter is still on the island…

Found: Kate on trial
Now that Kate is back in the States, she must stand trial for her crimes, with her own mother testifying as the main witness against her. With the worst case scenario being life imprisonment, Kate’s lawyer suggests that she serves seven years in prison, but Kate isn’t willing to spend any time behind bars.

With that in mind, Kate pleads not guilty to the charges, and her lawyer decides to fight the case on character- even bringing Jack in as a witness. According to their official story, Kate was the person who rescued and cared for the Oceanic Six- she is a heroine, not a criminal.

Later, Kate’s mother pays her a visit with a deal; with doctors having been saying for years that she only has six months to live, she doesn’t want to end her days at odds with her daughter, and is willing not to testify- provided she has access to her grandson. Even though it seems like a simple thing, Kate doesn’t want anyone to see her child, and refuses the deal.

As it turns out, Kate’s mother is not well enough to testify and so the prosecution has to offer another deal- four years in prison, or ten years on probation. Desperate for it all to be over, Kate accepts the latter deal- it may mean that she cannot leave the state for the next decade, but as long as she is with her child, she doesn’t mind.

On the way home, Kate bumps into Jack, who lied for her not just once with the official story of what happened on the island, but twice when he said in court that he no longer loved her. Jack would very much like to start a relationship with Kate, but unless he is willing to come and see the child, she doesn’t want to spend time with him. Instead, Kate returns home alone, but the child that is waiting for her isn’t her son with either Jack or Sawyer- it is Aaron.

Observation and speculation

  • We now know that Kate didn’t have a child of her own and that she is raising Aaron as her son (given the boy’s age, he must be the original Aaron rather than just named after him). This seems to indicate that Claire either died or was incapacitated before leaving the island.
  • At the end of season three, when Kate said “he’ll be waiting for me”, it must have been Aaron she was referring to.
  • According to the Oceanic Six, only eight people survived the crash, two of whom died- why not just say that six survived? And if the returnees are all from Oceanic 815, what happened to Juliet and Desmond?
  • On a completely different note, future-Kate looks a lot smarter and well-polished than her tousled island self.

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