Lost season 4 episode 7: Everyone likes a panda

Sun, Jin and some home truths
After hearing about how they knocked out Kate, Sun’s trust of Charlotte and Daniel reaches an all-time low, and when Daniel admits that rescuing the survivors wasn’t their first priority, she decides that it would be best for her and Jin to slip off and join Locke’s camp. When Juliet catches her taking some vitamins, however, the two women have a difference of opinion- Juliet knows that Sun will die within a matter of weeks if she does not leave the island, but having seen Claire give birth safely, Sun does not believe her.

Ignoring Juliet’s advice, Sun and Jin strike out for Locke’s camp, but Juliet has one last trump card to play- she tells Jin that Sun has had an affair. Sun is shocked and angered that Juliet has betrayed her confidence, whilst Jin clearly needs some time alone to absorb this truth- all trips to Locke’s camp will be off for the time being.

Instead, Jin heads out fishing with Bernard, who, as the only other married man on the island, knows what it is like to act as a couple instead of alone. The two men discuss the concept of karma, and when Jin finally catches a fish, Bernard remarks that it must be a good omen.

Back on the beach, Sun is worried that Jin has left her for good, but in actual fact, he forgives her- he knows that he is as much at fault for the near breakdown of their relationship back in Korea. All he wants to know is whether the baby is his- and Sun is happy to report that indeed it is. With the matter settled, Jin swears never to leave Sun, and even accompany her to Locke’s camp if she wants him to. Sun has changed her mind, however- perhaps it would be for the best to stay here after all.

On the boat: Desmond and Sayid

Even though Frank seems to be on their side, Desmond and Sayid find themselves imprisoned in the boat’s infirmary until the captain is finally ready to see them. Unlike everyone else on board, the captain seems direct enough, admitting that Charles Widmore is the owner of the boat, and admitting that the proximity of the island is having an adverse effect on the crew- to the point that one woman wraps herself in chains and jumps overboard. Ideally, they should move further away from the island, but since a saboteur has done a number on their engines, that just isn’t possible.

After meeting with the captain, Sayid and Desmond are led to their new accommodation, which turns out to be less than desirable- little more than a cell, it is filled with bugs and has a suspicious-looking spray of blood up one wall. Complaining that the blood should have been cleaned off, the ship’s doctor calls for cleaner Kevin, but even though they pretend not to know each other, this is a man they have met before, for ‘Kevin’ is none other than Michael.

Back and Forth: Jin’s side
Jin has just had a phone call from the hospital to say that the baby is about to be born, but before he goes there, he needs to buy a gift. Stopping off at a toy store, he purchases a giant stuffed panda before flagging down a taxi, but after he puts the panda in the back of the taxi, he gets a phone call- and when he answers, someone knocks into him, causing his mobile to fall into the middle of the road. Jin can only watch in frustration as his phone is run over, whilst someone else gets in his taxi, driving off with the panda.

By now almost frantic, Jin goes back to the toy store to buy another panda, but the only one left is behind the counter- another customer has already reserved and paid for it. By flashing a large amount of cash, Jin is able to persuade the shop owner to part with the panda, finally enabling him to make his way to the hospital.

At the hospital, Jin rushes to the maternity ward to present the panda- to the newborn son of the ambassador in China. For, although the episode would have had you think otherwise, Jin was never heading off to the birth of his own child- this is the past, and he has only been married for two months.

Back and Forth: Sun’s side
Sun is preparing to go out when suddenly she feels a contraction- the baby is coming. Heading to the hospital, she is recognised as one of the Oceanic Six and taken to the maternity ward, where the doctor is waiting.

As her labour progresses, Sun calls out for Jin and refuses to have her wedding ring taken off her swollen hands, but it is no good- he does not appear. After some effort, however, a healthy baby girl is born.

Later, Sun and the baby are back home when Hurley comes to pay a visit. He is there to go with Sun to pay their respects- for the reason that Jin did not come to visit his wife is because he is dead.

Observations and Speculation

  • Note that Jin’s official date of death on his tombstone is September 2004, matching up with the story that everyone other than the Oceanic Six died (I’m guessing that Jin was one of the two people who ‘died’ out of the eight people who were supposed to have survived the crash). It remains to be seen whether he actually did pass away.
  • Another incredibly easy birth scene, but then who wants to watch hours of straining?
  • The flashback was rather pointless in retrospect, although it served its purpose of misleading the viewer.
  • Michael is back, as predicted- now all that remains is to fill in the blanks and find out where Walt is.

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