Dancing With the Stars season six week three

I love week three of the series, for the simple reason that this is tango and jive week, and the tango is my favourite dance. How would our celebrities fare with the sharp, staccato tango and the fast, furious jive?

Tango vs. jive

  • Marlee and Fabian: Fabian looks like so much fun to rehearse with, and he’s certainly doing a good enough job with Marlee that she can jive better than I can even without hearing the music. Another good effort from Marlee- she’s got the basics down, but as the judges pointed out, now is the time to start brushing up on the little things.
  • Steve and Anna: Since Anna was ill for much of the week, Steve ended up practising with Jonathan instead, and their man-on-man tango (“mango”) which they re-enacted in the results show seemed to have done him the world of good. Once out on the floor with his proper partner, Steve showed a great improvement over previous weeks; it may not have been perfect, but he has come on in leaps and bounds. I also have to mention how much I loved Anna’s dress, and also how pleased I am that so many of the night’s tangos used traditional music.
  • Cristián and Cheryl: You might think that visiting a sealion wouldn’t be of much benefit in improving your dancing, but it certainly seemed to do the trick for Cristián- yes, technically he might not be up there, but this week he finally seemed ready to enjoy himself and deliver a high energy performance. Could he shape up into a contender for the title?
  • Mario and Karina: First time around, I was surprised at how the judges laid into Mario as it didn’t seem that bad, but on rewatching the mistake in the corner was more obvious and the choreography didn’t look to do him justice- no surprise given his busy schedule during the week. Karina’s costume and leg flicks all contributed to giving the routine a very Argentine feel, whilst Mario’s grimace of concentration was a little off-putting.
  • Shannon and Derek: Like all tall people, Shannon struggled a little with the jive, but she still put in a strong performance. I’m falling in love with Derek’s choreography- I liked it last season but now he’s impressing me more and more each week.
  • Adam and Julianne: All I can say about Adam is that his tango was an improvement- not particularly good, but definitely better than the last couple of weeks. I must admit, however, that I am no fan of his sense of humour- it’s just a little too bitter and close to the bone to be funny. I adore Julianne as much as a straight woman can, but Adam really needs to exit the competition.
  • Marissa and Tony: I would have thought a short, bouncy, bubbly person like Marissa would be perfectly suited to the jive, but as it turned out, her performance was a little under par- lacking the sharpness and energy needed for the dance. I was surprised at how much the judges laid into her, but I think they’re hoping to get the best out of her before it’s too late.
  • Priscilla and Louis: As you know, I’ve been looking forward to Priscilla perform the tango because I thought it would be just the right dance for her, and indeed, overall I enjoyed the routine. There were points where it didn’t seem as polished as it could be, but she really performed well, playing the part of the alluring yet distant lady of the night that no man can afford.
  • Jason and Edyta: I think Jason was let down by the choreography of this routine- yes, as a tall person the jive was never going to be the best dance for him, but he ended up having very little content to fill in the time between the tricks. Get rid of the bench at the start, for one thing- this isn’t Sitting With the Stars (yes, I know other celebs use chairs etc, and I never like their inclusion).
  • Kristi and Mark: I still love this couple and this tango was another great performance, although I’m not sure what Mark was trying to achieve with his mouth (he seemed to be gulping like a fish). Anyway, it may not have been as ‘dirty’ as Bruno wanted, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Results Show

  • Kylie Minogue performed both her new single and ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’; the first song was rather throwaway, but the latter is the kind of thing you’ve heard so many times that you can’t really hate it anymore. The latter performance also saw an accompanying contemporary-style routine from Mark and Julianne, and always for me the dancing is the highlight. Apparently James Blunt will be appearing later in the season, if anyone particularly cares.
  • Macy’s Stars of Dance: I can’t even spell the name of the musical dance theatre that appeared, but they were basically an African-American group dancing in formation to gospel-style music. Not my cup of tea at all, but they’re good at what they do.
  • Elimination: This week it was Steve “the Gute” Guttenberg’s time to go, and whilst I admit he was one of the weaker dancers, I thought he had a week or two left in him (especially given his improvement this week). I’m looking at Adam to go next as I’m not too impressed by his dancing or his personality, and perhaps Marissa if she can’t pull it out of the bag and deliver something special.

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