Doctor Who: Partners in Crime


There’s a new diet revolution in Britain; forget exercise and healthy eating- with just one pill a day from Adipose Industries, the fat just walks away! Of course, if something looks too good to be true, it usually means that something strange is going on behind the scenes- and who better to investigate that than the Doctor? But he isn’t the only one on the case, for in the hopes of finding the elusive Time Lord, a certain Donna Noble has also taken an interest in Adipose Industries…

Alien Guide

  • Adipose: Fat-based aliens who reproduce on breeding planets and seem to possess advanced space-faring technology. Their young are left in the care of a Matron, who in this case chooses to seed and raise them on Earth despite the fact that it is forbidden. By having humans ingest a daily pill (containing the ‘spark of life’) as well as being tuned to a primary pill passed off as an 18K gold pendant, at least one Adipose infant can be created daily.

Technology Guide

  • Sonic pen: basically identical to a sonic screwdriver in function, except that it was somehow tuned to open the deadlocks at Adipose Industries.

Episode Thoughts

A surprisingly enjoyable opening episode for this new season, although I have to admit I found the Adipose just as disturbing as they were cute (thanks to their squidginess and the way they detach from their human hosts). Catherine Tate was also remarkably bearable and even good as Donna, plus it’s good to get away from the tiresome romantic angle that dominated Rose and Martha’s interactions with the Doctor.

Of course, speaking of Rose, no one can have missed her brief cameo towards the end of the episode- since she’s supposed to be coming back properly in episode eleven, we can only assume that the ‘Bad Wolf’ will somehow find a way between dimensions once more. I wonder if we’ll see Micky/Ricky, Pete, Jackie and the new baby as well.

Nitpickers’ Corner

  • If the daily Adipose pills contain the ‘spark of life’ (presumably equivalent to a fertilised egg), then how could the primary pills cause people to ‘birth’ more than one Adipose in a day? At least they explained that the Adipose can transform other tissue into fat, closing up what would otherwise have been a gaping plot hole.
  • If Foster was also an Adipose, how come she looked human? Or was she just an alien nanny hired by the Adipose parents to perform the function of raising their children?

One thought on “Doctor Who: Partners in Crime

  1. I was wondering a similar thing about Foster being an Adipose at the time but somehow that nagging nitpick didn’t stay with me for once (unusual – usually such issues annoy me).

    I was pleasantly surprised by this one in the end. Tate was much better than I expected and it was just a solid romp. It wasn’t profound or particularly complex – in fact it was really quite silly – but I was left with a smile on my face and that’s a good way to end a season premiere.

    My only qualm is that the sonic props thing is feeling overdone. We’ve had lipstick, screwdrivers and pens and all of them are filling in “magic wand” functions. It would be nice if some of the gadgets were put on the backburner for a while.

    Great review! I look forward to seeing what you make of the Pompeii episode next week.

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