Lost season 4 episode 8: It’s like they’re all just actors being directed by some unseen force

The next episode will air on April 24th.

Having seen Michael posing as “Kevin Johnson” on the boat, Sayid has more than few questions for the man last seen betraying his comrades to get a free ride off the island, and in short order, he and Desmond confront Michael in the engine. Although he is initially reluctant to risk his cover, Michael ultimately relents and explains what happened to him.

Michael’s story

Michael has made it back to New York, but far from being able to settle back into his old life, things seem even worse than ever. Confiding in Walt about what he did to Ana Lucia and Libby has only driven his son away to live with his grandmother, and for Michael it seems that there is nothing more to live for.

Desperate to end his miserable existence, Michael takes his car out and drives at full speed into a wall- but to his dismay, he wakes up in hospital under the ministration of a nurse who tells him it is a miracle that he survived. Undeterred, he pawns his watch for a gun and bullets and heads out to an alley to do the deed, but before he can pull the trigger he is confronted by a familiar face from the island- Tom.

Tom explains that, having sent him home, the Others have been keeping tabs on him, and furthermore, since the island is not yet finished with Michael, it will prevent him from killing himself. He tells Michael to go home and see for himself- and once he does, he should come and visit Tom in his penthouse apartment.

Naturally, Michael isn’t about to go after Tom straightaway, instead heading home, where his attempts to blow his brains out end with the gun simply clicking and refusing to fire. And when he sees a report that says Oceanic 815 and the corpses of all 324 passengers have been found at the bottom of the sea, he realises that he has no choice but to throw in his lot with Tom.

Although he is surprised that Michael came to see him so quickly, Tom explains that the fake plane was the work of Charles Widmore- and he even has the documents to prove it, covering everything from buying a wrecked plane to digging up over 300 bodies from their graves in Thailand. Widmore wants to find the island, but if he does, all the remaining Oceanic 815 passengers will likely die; if Michael wants to prevent this, he must become a crewmember on the boat Widmore is sending out to find the island.

In short order, Michael and a mysterious package (to be opened at sea) are sent to Fiji, where he boards the boat as deckhand ‘Kevin Johnson’, an alias that fools everyone except Miles. Upon meeting his crewmates, Michael’s determination begins to falter, but after he catches some of them clay pigeon shooting on deck, he realises that they may not be so benign after all- and that if he has to destroy them, he can go through with it.

Now committed to his course, Michael heads back to his cabin to open the mysterious package, only to discover that it contains a bomb. Undeterred, Michael goes down to the engine room to detonate it, but to his surprise the bomb does not go off- instead a small piece of paper pops up, containing the words “Not yet”.

Some time later, Michael is surprised to receive a call, but when he hears that it is from Walt, he jumps to answer it. In fact, the caller is none other than Ben, who is amused at the fact that Michael actually went as far as trying to detonate the bomb. There are innocents on the boat, and so he instructs Michael to sabotage the engines and radio room instead.

Having listened to his story, Sayid is not convinced- having experienced Ben’s machinations firsthand, he isn’t about to trust someone who has openly admitted to working for him. Instead, Sayid takes Michael straight to the captain and tells him that this man is not Kevin Johnson- he is Oceanic survivor Michael Dawson, and he is a traitor…

No more secrets… yeah, right

Tensions have been running high at Locke’s camp ever since he freed Ben, and so Locke has no choice but to try to regain everyone’s trust by claiming that there will be no more secrets. To that end, he brings out Miles for everyone to see, and also lets Ben reveal that his spy on the boat is none other than Michael.

Nonetheless, Ben has something else he wants to reveal- but this information is only for Alex, Karl and Danielle. He gives them a map to “The Temple”, supposedly the last safe place on the island, and the gathering place of the remaining Others. Danielle is to guide the other two there, but they must not tell the Oceanic survivors where they are going- it is not for them to see.

The trio duly set off into the jungle, and are making good time when Danielle suggests they take a short rest. Even as they do so, however, Karl is fatally wounded by a hidden gunman, and despite Alex’s reluctance to leave him, Danielle insists that their only hope is to run. Unfortunately, no sooner have they started off than Danielle is also shot, leaving Alex alone and afraid. Scared of what might happen next, she steps out in the open, admitting that she is Ben’s daughter and agreeing to surrender…

Observation and Speculation

  • Although Libby appears in this episode, she only appears a vision to Michael- disappointing those of us waiting for her back story to finally be revealed.
  • It’s quite ironic that here Sayid turns in Michael for working for Ben, when in the future he is going to do Ben’s dirty work himself.
  • I’m sad to see Rousseau die here- damn you, series body count!
  • It seems the island can somehow prevent you from dying if it still has a use for you- one step too far on the supernatural aspects of the series?
  • What was the point of the bomb if it was never meant to be detonated? Or did the island stop it from going off?
  • Presumably the group who just killed Karl and Rousseau are the team that Frank took back to the island on the helicopter.

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