Heroes season one episodes 22-3 [end]

Apologies for taking so long with this; Heroes season two will start in the UK on BBC2 this Thursday at 9pm (the next episode follows on BBC3 at 10:30pm).

DL, Nikki, Jessica and Micah

Micah is still with Candice, and now the time for him to act has come- on election day, she takes him to a voting booth, where he uses his power to create a landslide victory for Nathan.

Meanwhile, DL and Jessica have made it all the way to Linderman’s office in an attempt to get their son back. Upon being confronted by them, Linderman tries to appeal to Jessica, telling her he will pay her handsomely for killing DL. Jessica pretends to take his offer, but in reality she has no intention of betraying her family, and when Linderman realises this, he goes to shoot her- only for DL to intercept the bullet. A smug Linderman believes he has won, but DL uses the last of his strength to phase over to Linderman and put his hand inside the old man’s skull.

With Nikki back in control, the couple make their way to where Micah is being held, but with time running out, Nikki has to leave the injured DL in a corridor. When she enters Micah’s room, however, she sees her unconscious son and what appears to be Jessica. Jessica taunts Nikki by telling her she is weak, but in the reflection of a mirror, Nikki sees the real Jessica telling her that this woman is a fake. Somehow able to tap into her alter ego’s superhuman strength, Nikki overpowers the fake Jessica, who is of course Candice.

With Candice rendered unconscious, the illusion of Jessica and Micah disappears, and Nikki is able to rescue the real Micah, who has been shut in a cupboard. Now, the family can escape the building, but of course Sylar is waiting downstairs…

Bennet and Matt

Bennet, Matt and Ted are all set to go and take out the tracking device, but what they don’t know is that Sylar is watching them. Realising Ted’s fugitive status, Sylar phones the FBI and reveals his location, only to use the ensuing commotion to kill Ted and take his power.

Meanwhile, Bennet and Matt continue onwards to the Company building, where they head up to the tracking device. On the way, Thompson tries to stop them, but a combination of Matt’s telepathy and Bennet’s knowledge of his former comrade’s tactics enable them to stop him and proceed to the room where the device is kept. When they get there, however, there is an unpleasant surprise; the tracking device is not a machine- instead, it is Molly, the girl Matt rescued and Mohinder saved.

Bennet is ready to shoot Molly if it means Claire will be safe, but both Matt and Mohinder refuse to let him do that. Now that she is recovering from her disease, however, Molly claims she is able to find anyone in the world- except for one person who can look right back at her- and she brings the dire news that Sylar is in the building.

The team prepares to flee, but by the time they get outside, Sylar is already there- and Peter is fighting with him. Matt rushes in to shoot Sylar, only to have the bullets reflected back to him by Sylar’s telekinetic ability. Is this the end for Matt?

Notes: I hope Matt survives this, but I can’t believe I didn’t realise Molly was the tracking device last episode.

Peter, Nathan and Claire

Peter seems about to overload with Ted’s power, but somehow he is able to pull back and hold it in. Nonetheless, in the commotion surrounding Ted’s arrest, he and Claire are forced to turn invisible and flee the scene. In due course, however, they must face Sylar, but first Peter wants to get in contact with Nathan, believing that his brother will support their cause. Claire is far more sceptical, and when Peter brings them meet Nathan without telling her, she is more than a little angry at being lied to.

And indeed, it seems that Claire was right to be suspicious, for Nathan seems unwilling to help Peter- the ‘bomb’ must inevitably go off, and he must be the man who leads New York through its darkest hour. With that in mind, Nathan and his mother take Claire away with them, whilst Peter is rendered unconscious by another outbreak of Ted’s powers.

Awakening, Peter finds himself either in the past or in a dream- although he is invisible, he sees himself as Simone introduces him to her father for the first time. As they leave to take a tour of the apartment, however, Charles talks to Peter’s mother- and it is clear he knows all about special powers and the impending explosion.

When they are finally alone, Charles reveals that he knows Peter is watching, and tells him that Peter clearly needed to come to this time. Charles is convinced that the destruction of New York can be averted, and this is the thought Peter carries with him as he returns to the present.

Meanwhile, the newly elected Nathan and Andrea go back to their office, where they try to convince Claire that they are doing the right thing by letting Peter explode. Claire pretends to relax and hug Nathan, but as soon as her relatives are off-guard, she launches herself out of the window, secure in the knowledge that she will survive the fall.

Meanwhile, the great confrontation between Sylar and Peter (now both in possession of Ted’s powers) is at hand, but although Hiro intervenes and stabs Sylar, Peter loses control of the explosive power. Just as it seems that he must destroy New York, however, Nathan arrives, promising that they will save the world together. Using his special power, Nathan flies Peter up into the sky, and the two brothers explode together…

Notes: Obviously Peter can survive, but how will Nathan (he seems to be back in season two)? And why couldn’t Hiro teleport Peter away to the Nevada desert or somewhere before he blew up? I suppose neither Hiro nor Peter have that kind of control over the teleportation power. Then again, if the explosion is nuclear, won’t there be fallout from above New York anyway (gamma radiation should at least be an issue)?

Hiro and Ando

With his sword broken, Hiro is disheartened- can he ever defeat Sylar? Fortunately, Ando is more upbeat, even going so far as to find the name of a Japanese blacksmith in the yellow pages. When the pair head over, however, they are in for another surprise- Hiro’s father is waiting there. Nakamura reveals to Hiro that he knows about his son’s ability, before giving him an impromptu lesson in swordsmanship so that Hiro will be ready to stop Sylar when next they meet.

By the time the lesson is over, Hiro is ready to head out with a new sword, but to his dismay, Ando has already left- claiming that if Hiro won’t save the world, then he will. Hiro chases after Ando and reaches the place where the other heroes are confronting Sylar, before rushing in to stab him. In response, however, the dying Sylar flings Hiro away, and the young man somehow ends up travelling back in time to feudal-era Japan…

Notes: could such a simple stabbing really kill Sylar? Somehow I doubt it…

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