Doctor Who: The Poison Sky


With ATMOS spewing poisonous gas into the air all across the world, it seems that humanity might just suffocate on its own planet- but why are the Sontarans really going to such lengths? Fortunately, the Doctor is on the case, but will even the assistance of Donna be enough to combat cloned Martha, unstable genius Luke Rattigan and the sheer bullheadedness of UNIT?

Alien and Tech Guide

  • Sontarans revisited: With their war against the Rutans not going so well, the Sontarans have come to Earth in an attempt to transform it into a clone breeding facility- a hatchery, if you will.

Episode Thoughts

Again I was left with that vaguely unsatisfying feeling after this episode, with everything just seeming a little too convoluted to hang together. The Rattigan Academy plot was ultimately pointless and went nowhere, and the ease with which the Sontarans killed the UNIT soldiers left me cold rather than horrified. A good effort at bringing back an old Doctor Who enemy, but it could have used a tighter and more focused script.

Nitpickers’ Corner

  • Well, at least the mother thought to smash the windscreen and save Grandpa- nice going.
  • The Doctor was rather willing to sacrifice himself this episode- are they slowly preparing us for his death at the end of the season?
  • Next week’s episode is about the Doctor’s apparent daughter; since the First Doctor had a granddaughter we know that he has had children in the past, but I can’t help feeling that it’s all too obvious this time, and that she was probably created by someone who stole the Doctor’s DNA for that purpose.

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