Dancing With the Stars season six week 9: semi-finals

Four contestants, three places in the final- who would make it and who would go? With each contestant having to pick their two dances out of a mirror ball, it was entirely the luck of the draw who got the dances they were suited to, and who would end up having to overcome their weaknesses?

Ballroom Round

Even though the competitors have already performed all these dances, this week they were given new music and new routines.

  • Jason and Edyta (foxtrot): As you should know by now, I’m not a great fan of the American ballroom style of dancing so much out of hold, but if I put that to one side then this was a good dance- Jason has really mastered the performance side of things by this point, and when you add that to his elegance, he makes a good showing in the foxtrot.
  • Marissa and Tony (quickstep): Although there were some little mistakes in this routine, and a couple of times where it seemed to lack energy, this was a good quickstep- a real improvement since she last did this dance.
  • Cristián and Cheryl (Viennese waltz): like most of the Viennese waltzes this season, this was a nice enough routine, but without enough rotation in hold for my tastes. I thought it was a little more obvious this time that Cristián was being careful about his arm, but still a worthy performance overall.
  • Kristi and Mark (tango): It may not have knocked my all-time favourite SCD/DWTS tango (Ian Waite and Zoe Ball) off its top spot, but this was another excellent routine by Kristi and Mark- I loved them from the start, and they’ve delivered the goods almost every single time. This was sharp, dramatic, full of complex choreography and strong in both technical and performance aspects- go, Kristi go! Take the trophy home!

Latin Round

As per usual, the semi-finalists each got a ‘Latin masterclass’ from Len, who went round to correct the faults in their routine and suggest a particular step to be included in the dance.

  • Jason and Edyta (paso doble): Since I wasn’t a fan of the football themed paso, it was good to see Jason dance to traditional music this time around, but either it wasn’t communicated through the camera or I’m just being strange, because it felt to me like a lot of the time the dance was too ‘soft’ and lacking in attack. It also looked like Edyta’s foot came off the floor during the spin; overall a good effort, but it didn’t connect with me.
  • Marissa and Tony (rumba): Marissa managed to do the rumba even better this time around; she really got into the performance aspect but also brought a lot more technical prowess to the floor. I must admit that it didn’t win me over on first viewing, but second time around it was a lot more enjoyable- and I loved that zigzag move she did towards the beginning.
  • Cristián and Cheryl (samba): It must take a lot of guts to come out and do the dance that got you injured just two weeks ago, so kudos to Cristián for putting away his bad memories of the samba with a solid routine. Unfortunately, for me, whilst the steps were there, it wasn’t as all out as it could have been (not really surprising given the circumstances) and it did seem flat footed in places, but still a good effort.
  • Kristi and Mark (jive): I won’t lie that I preferred Kristi and Mark’s first jive, but this was still a great routine- complex choreography, great musicality, lively performance and near flawless execution all came together as one. One of my new ambitions is to dance with Mark someday.

Results Show

  • Tribute to Thriller: The guest performance this week was a tribute to Michael Jackson’s Thriller; as always not my thing but well-performed nonetheless, and over relatively quickly.
  • The kids dance- again: All three winning couples from previous weeks competed against each other for phone votes; the two younger couples were cute, but of course it was the older couple that really brought it to the floor (plus it feels less odd to see 12-13 year olds ballroom dance than under 10s).
  • Elimination: Again we didn’t have a bottom two, but Marissa finally came to the end of her journey, as I suspected she might. Ultimately, I’m happy with the line up of finalists, although I’m rooting for Kristi to take home the trophy.

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