Dancing With the Stars season six week 10: the grand finale

Three competitors, one trophy- but who would walk away from it? Would it be Kristi, the technical natural who learned to perform; Jason, the man’s man whose surprising elegance let him shine in the ballroom; or Cristián, the Latin heartthrob who never gave up even after rupturing the tendons in one arm? Read on to find out how they all fared…

Main show

  • Cha Cha Face-Off: Similar to the Judges’ Choice of SCD, this new inclusion had all three couples dancing consecutively to the same song (Dancing on the Ceiling), but with the important difference that they all had to perform the same dance. First up was Cristián, who performed a fun routine, followed by Jason, who was also having fun at the expense of technical prowess and finally Kristi, who just blew the competition away with a top notch dance.
  • Freestyle round: First up were Kristi and Mark with a Latin/hip hop fusion- not usually the kind of thing I like, but they made it so energetic and entertaining that I couldn’t help but enjoy myself. Unfortunately, whilst Jason also had a hip hop beach number, it didn’t appeal to me in the same way- the lifts were impressive, but the actual dancing didn’t wow me and the use of props/progressive undressing left me as cold as it usually does. Meanwhile, Cristián’s was the weakest of them all, a Latin-themed piece (in both senses of the world) that actually seemed to involve more walking around than actual dancing; I know he was hampered by only having one arm, but even so his routine just couldn’t match up to the others.

Results Show

  • Usher: it seems that every performer this season hasn’t been to my tastes, and Usher’s R’n’B sounds were no different, although at least in his second performance the pros got to show off a bit. Here’s to better guest singers next season.
  • Third place: with the votes all counted, third place went to Cristián and Cheryl, fair enough as over the course of the series the other two have generally been stronger. As a farewell dance, they performed their paso doble again (with one arm, and a bit less shouting).
  • Ballroom kids winners: unsurprisingly, the older couple Brandon and Brittany were the overall winners of this mini competition.
  • Departed contestants: as per usual, all the departed contestants from previous weeks re-performed routines from when they were on the show- not much to say about that since we’ve seen all those dances before except that it’s good for everyone to see their favourites again.
  • One last dance: Although the viewer voting was over, the judges got the chance to score one more dance from the two remaining finalists. Kristi and Mark performed their first jive, which I loved back then and still love now, whilst Jason and Edyta opted for the quickstep, which was good, but not quite as worthy.
  • And the winner is…: I’m happy to say that Kristi and Mark walked away with the trophy- a worthy win for a couple that impressed me from week one. This is the first time a woman has won since series one (and the judges’ favourite no less), as well as marking the chance for a different pro to get their hands on the trophy.

Well, that concludes this season’s Dancing With the Stars blogging; I’ll try to cover season seven in the autumn, but bear in mind that I’ll also be doing Strictly Come Dancing at the same time, so hopefully I won’t get overloaded.

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