Lost season 4 episode 10: Maybe the butterfly is dreaming of Lost

Lost: Jack’s appendicitis

Jack is trying his best to mediate between the survivors and their mistrust of Dan and Charlotte, but when he collapses on the beach, it is clear that not all is well. Juliet realises that he has come down with appendicitis and realises that there is only thing to do- she will have to perform an appendectomy.

With that in mind, Juliet sends Sun, Jin, Dan and Charlotte to the medical station to pick up all the surgical instruments she will need, but whilst she prepares the operating tent, Jack insists that he stay awake for the operation- if Kate holds up a mirror, he will be able to observe and direct the procedure.

By the time Sun’s party has returned from the medical station, it is already night, but there is no time to delay- the operation must be performed before Jack’s appendix ruptures. Despite Jack’s insistence that he stay awake, once the incision is made Juliet realises that knocking him out is the only practical thing to do. She has Bernard chloroform him, whilst Kate is sent outside until the end of the procedure.

Some time later, and the operation has been a success. Juliet apologises to Kate for sending her out, before confessing that she and Jack kissed- although she suspects that Jack was doing it to try to convince himself that he wasn’t in love with someone else. Realising that Juliet is referring to her, Kate thanks her for saving Jack’s life- not realising that Jack is actually awake and has heard every word.

Meanwhile, outside, Jin confronts Charlotte- based on her reactions to his private conversations with Sun on the way to the medical station, he knows that she understands Korean, and by threatening to hurt Daniel, he gets her to come clean. No matter what happens to him in the near future, he makes Charlotte promise one thing- she will make sure that Sun and their unborn child will get on the helicopter and leave the island.

Lost: Sawyer, Miles and Claire take a little trip through the jungle

Meanwhile, Sawyer, Miles, Claire and Aaron are making their way to the beach, but Sawyer is mistrustful of Miles- to the point where puts a ‘restraining order’ on him, ordering him not to go anywhere near Miles. Their journey is far from pleasant, however- first they find the bodies of Karl and Rousseau (thanks to Miles’ ability to sense the dead), and shortly after a tip-off from Frank sees them hiding tensely in the bushes whilst the men from the boat pass by.

Unfortunately, Sawyer’s plan to protect Claire backfires when she sees what appears to be her father in the middle of the night and goes off with him, for Miles chooses to say and do nothing until Sawyer awakens the next morning.

After a brief search, the two men find Aaron, but Claire is nowhere to be found- just what has happened to her?

Found: Jack and Kate, happy at last?

Now that Kate’s trial is over, Jack has relented to his feelings and begun living with her. Work is going well and his personal life is all he wished it could be- so why does something feel out of place? And why does he sometimes catch a glimpse of his father out of the corner of his eye?

Even though Jack tries to push these things to the back of his mind with the help of alcohol and Temazapam, a visit to Hurley only serves to rattle him further. Hurley has refused therapy and stopped taking his medication, because ever since Charlie started visiting him, he has become convinced that the Oceanic Six never made it off the island- instead, they all died and are now in some kind of afterlife. He claims that Charlie told him Jack was coming to visit, and that he even left a message “you shouldn’t try to raise him”- possibly referring to Aaron. He also warns Jack that in short order, he too will receive a special visitor.

Nonetheless, Jack seems determined to make a life with Kate and Aaron, even going so far as to propose to Kate, who immediately accepts. At work that evening, however, he sees his father waiting for him- an image which is only dispelled when he is interrupted by a colleague.

Meanwhile, despite their recent engagement, all does not seem well at home; first Jack catches Kate discussing some kind of private plan on the phone, and the very next day, she comes home several hours later than usual. His emotions already unstable from the drink, Jack questions an increasingly upset Kate about what she has been doing, forcing her to admit that she was doing something on Sawyer’s behalf. Jack is angered that Kate seems to be prioritising the man who chose to stay behind instead of the one that came back with her, but Kate insists that Jack is the one who needs to pull himself together- he can’t be around her son if he’s going to act like this. Unaware that Aaron is downstairs listening to them, Jack retorts that Kate isn’t even related to her ‘son’, and although it is unclear how much the boy has understood, a tearful Kate runs to him and scoops him up in her arms. Is Jack’s happiness about to come to an end?

Observations and Speculation

  • Claire’s disappearance seems to explain why Aaron was rescued and she wasn’t.
  • Could it be that Jack et al are indeed all dead and this is some kind of The Others/The Sixth Sense situation? Or is that another red herring?
  • I wonder what Kate is doing for Sawyer- and does it have anything to do with Ben and Widmore’s plans? I actually feel more benign towards Kate for once, although Jack is being as annoyingly alpha male as ever.
  • Charlotte’s mastery of Korean makes me feel like I should learn too.
  • Is Jack’s appendicitis really a punishment from the island as Rose suggested? After all, we’ve seen it heal the ‘worthy’ and make the ‘unworthy’ sick before.

One thought on “Lost season 4 episode 10: Maybe the butterfly is dreaming of Lost

  1. “she was doing something on Sawyer’s behalf”

    That bit still didn’t make sense to me after seeing the end of season 4, would’ve made more sense with 1 of the alternate endings for the season posted on Youtube though.

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