Lost season 4 episode 12: Lies, complete lies and nothing but lies

The island and the boat- it’s like a rock and a hard place

With Frank’s chopper having dropped a sat phone onto the beach, the survivors can now track them- and Jack is determined to do just that. Despite the danger of re-opening his wound, Jack resolves to go into the jungle and catch up with what he believes to be Sayid and Desmond, with Kate doing the tracking.

As it turns out, the first group they encounter is none other than Sawyer, Miles and Aaron, and after a brief explanation of Claire’s absence, Jack and Sawyer continue into the jungle, whilst Kate takes Miles and Aaron back to the beach. By the time she gets there, however, Sayid has already shown up with the life raft, and when he hears where Jack has gone, he realises that Jack will be in danger if he doesn’t go after him. After leaving Aaron with Sun, Kate accompanies him, and the pair head back into the jungle- leaving Daniel to start ferrying passengers back to the boat.

In fact, Jack and Sawyer have already had enough of a head start to make it to the chopper, although by the time they get there, the only person they find is Frank, who has been handcuffed to the fuselage. As they release him, Frank explains that Sayid and Desmond didn’t come with them- he was the one who dropped the sat phone, and he can fly everyone away from the island whilst Martin and his team capture Ben and torch the island. There’s just one small problem- Hurley is still with Ben, and that puts him in danger.

Meanwhile, Kate and Sayid are hot on Jack and Sawyer’s trail- at least until Kate realises that someone else has come this way, before doubling back to follow them. And indeed, shortly afterwards, Richard emerges from the jungle, complete with a surrounding group of armed Others. Sayid and Kate have no choice but to hand over their weapons, but what lies in store for them?

Elsewhere, Daniel takes the first group back to the boat, including Jin, Sun and Aaron. With Martin gone, Michael has been released to fix the engines, but there’s on slight problem- someone has packed the boat with explosive C4. Suddenly, the boat doesn’t seem quite such a safe place to be…

Ben, Locke and Hurley: heading for the Orchid

Now that Locke has been told to move the island, the next stop is the Orchid station, but as Ben well knows, that is just where Widmore will expect him to go. And indeed, Martin and his team have already reached the greenhouses that mark the entrance to the Orchid, leaving Ben with no choice but to tell Locke and Hurley how to get inside whilst he surrenders himself- although as Ben says, he always has a plan. But will all the planning in the world be enough to save him from the trigger-happy Martin? (Well, yes, based on the flash forwards.)

Found: The Oceanic Six go home

In the hold of a plane, the six official survivors of Oceanic 815- Jack, Hurley, Kate, Aaron, Sun and Sayid- are taken to a safe port where they can be reunited with their families. After agreeing to get a press conference over with, the survivors give their version of events- the plane went down in the ocean, and only eight people made it to the shore. The ‘Oceanic Six’ were ultimately the only ones to survive, making use of a fishing boat that washed ashore to make it from their uninhabited Indonesian island to an inhabited one after a hundred days- during which time Kate also gave birth to Aaron. The press is eager to pick at the holes in the story, but the Oceanic Six deflect any difficult questions.

The time has come for everyone to get back to their lives, with even Nadia showing up to see Sayid and resume their long interrupted relationship. Sun goes back to Korea to have her baby alone, but she also has an unpleasant surprise for her father- using the money from her settlement, she has bought a controlling interest in his company, and no longer intends to bow and scrape to him.

Elsewhere, Jack is finally able to hold a funeral for his father, even though Christian’s body was long lost. After the event, he is approached by a blonde woman who claims to know why Christian was in Australia- he was there to see his daughter. Although Jack is disbelieving at first, the woman tells him that she had a child with Christian, and that that very daughter- Claire- was on the plane with Jack.

Meanwhile, Hurley becomes paranoid when he comes home one day to find a coconut on the floor and the sound of whispering permeating the house; is this the work of the island? Ready to confront any attacker, he picks up a metal statue and heads deeper into the house- only to discover that his family and friends have thrown him a surprise party. The Hawaiian theme is perhaps not in the best of tastes, but Hurley’s father also has another gift for him- he has fixed up a car for Hurley, and without using the lottery money. Relieved that the money isn’t involved, Hurley gets into the driver’s seat, only to see that the odometer reads “481516” “2342”- the numbers. Fearful of what is going on, Hurley runs off down the road.

Observations and Speculation

  • Since I have the finale ready and waiting to be watched, I’ll leave most speculation until the next blog post, when we’ll all be puzzling over the events of the season together for the next few months.
  • Well, we now know that Jack knew he was related to Aaron when he was arguing with Kate a few episodes ago.
  • Again, who is Allpert? He doesn’t seem to have aged at all in the many decades since Locke was born- is he dead, immortal or the son of the original?

One thought on “Lost season 4 episode 12: Lies, complete lies and nothing but lies

  1. Why did Jack created the lie that Kate was Aaron’s mother? What was the point? To keep her out of prison? He used a toddler to keep a murderer, whom he happened to be in love with, out of prison? Is that it?

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