Doctor Who: Turn Left


On an ordinary day, Donna Noble turned left at a junction, but how much difference would it have made if she had listened to her mother and turned right? More than you would think, for in that one instant, the universe was set on a different course- one where Donna never met the Doctor, where the Doctor’s life ended the day he confronted the Arachnos, and where there was no one able to stand up to all the alien threats that could so easily have destroyed the Earth. And for once, the only person who might be able to set things right isn’t the Doctor himself, but a former companion, one who was thought forever lost in a parallel universe.

Alien, Planet and Tech Guide

  • Trickster Brigade: a race of giant beetles that feed on time, altering the decisions people made in the past in order to somehow feed off the energy thus produced. They remain attached to their host but largely invisible. The beetles seem to work in tandem with a humanoid to lure in their prey, although the exact relationship between the two is unknown.
  • Rose Tyler: Believed trapped in a parallel universe with her family two years ago, Rose has somehow gained the ability to move through universes.
  • Donna Noble: It seems there is more to Donna than anyone ever expected- time and space has been wrapping itself around her ever since she was born. Why is Donna such an important person in the scheme of things?

Episode Thoughts

I’ve seen plenty of ‘what-if’ episodes in sci-fi, so this one was pretty par for the course in terms of ‘main character wakes up in a different reality, things get progressively worse until they figure out how to put it right’ way. Still, despite the lack of the Doctor, this was a solid enough episode- not the best the series has to offer, but still good enough with plenty of twists and turns. I’m not the biggest Rose fan, but it’s interesting to see her back, but I’m slightly concerned about the fate of the universe revolving around Donna- why do they have to burden the companion with something like that?

On another note, I would have found the beetle thing creepier if it didn’t look so fake- why not have a centipede with its front pincers dug into Donna’s shoulder and the rest of it coiled around her back?

Notes and Nitpicks

  • Based on the preview, next week we can expect to see Rose, Martha, Donna, Captain Jack, Sarah Jane and Gwen from Torchwood- what a companion-filled extravaganza.
  • In the parallel universe, the Doctor dying at the hands of the Arachnos meant that he wasn’t there to combat the Judoon and the Plasmavore (resulting in Martha’s death), save the spaceship Titanic (rendering London uninhabitable), stop the spread of the Adipose (causing the death of millions of Americans) or put a stop to the Sontarans and ATMOS. Captain Jack, the Torchwood team and Sarah Jane also died in this reality.
  • Having seen Daleks in the preview and read that Davros is set to come back, could it be that this is what was sealed in the Medusa Cascade? If so, how can even the Daleks pose a threat to all universes?
  • How, why and where did Rose gain her universe shifting ability?
  • I can understand that the Doctor not visiting the end of the universe meant that the Master never came back to Earth, but who stopped the 1930s Daleks and their pig slaves? What became of Professor Lazarus and his immortality experiment?

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