Dancing With the Stars season 7 week 2

Apologies for being so behind, what with everything else going it’s been an effort just to get access to these episodes, let alone watch them. Still, we’re vaguely back on track now, and this week saw a Latin double-whammy, with stars performing either the slow and sensual rumba or the intense paso doble.

Dance of the bullfight vs. dance of romance: all’s fair in love and war

  • Toni & Alec (rumba): A badly performed rumba is awful to watch, so it is with pleasure that I report that this was a surprisingly good routine. On the down side, there were some unintentional lifts when Toni’s foot came off the floor and there could have been a bit more variety of steps (as Len said “needs more basic”), but what was there was well performed and very enjoyable to watch.
  • Brooke & Derek (paso doble): Right away, the music set the scene for this dance, but I’m in two minds about this one- apart from a bit of what Len calls ‘messing about’, the routine itself was very good and had all the right elements, but somehow it didn’t quite convey the intensity I really want from this dance. Of course, it may just be that you can’t quite get that intensity from watching it on TV- you have to be there.
  • Rocco & Karina (rumba): Understated to the point of nothingness, Rocco’s rumba seemed to speak of the potential he might have given enough time, but lacked everything when it came to the delivery. Even putting aside the pointless ‘cooking’ segment at the start, Rocco didn’t actually seem to be placing his weight properly, resulting in a very static performance.
  • Lance & Lacey (paso doble): Never ones to go down the traditional route, Lance and Lacey presented something that probably can’t even be called a paso doble- neither the costume, the music (admittedly not their choice) nor the steps were particularly representative of the dance. Being the professional, Lacey at least put in a sharp and precise performance, but Lance couldn’t quite manage it, with his arms in particular not looking right.
  • Kim & Mark (rumba): I must admit that I haven’t warmed to Kim, and like the judges, I didn’t rate this rumba. Once again, Kim seemed to be barely dancing whilst Mark did all the work around her; given that Mark has had excellent partners for the last two seasons, perhaps he can’t choreograph well for weaker dancers.
  • Misty & Maks (paso doble): As a sportswoman, Misty was the first one to really bring the required aggression and emotion to the floor, but even though the emotion and the routine were very good, she was lacking in the finesse needed to finish off her lines. Misty also seemed very self-contained in that she wasn’t fully connecting with Maks.
  • Maurice & Cheryl (rumba): Whilst Cheryl appeared to be wearing a giant handkerchief, Maurice didn’t look at all comfortable in the rumba- even an outing to see some belly dancing didn’t loosen up his hips, resulting in a very stiff and awkward routine. I’m beginning to think he won’t make it far in this competition.
  • Cloris & Corky (paso doble): As the dance began to the strains of Bolero, Cloris looked very elegant and distinguished, but predictably, she didn’t actually do all that much in the dance. To be honest, Corky is probably doing the best with what he’s got, and Cloris is having fun, but it’s obvious she’s never going to be a serious contender in this competition.
  • Susan & Tony (rumba): This was one of those routines that you can only really call ‘nice’- it was rather calm, tranquil and by no means poor, but nor did any of it stand out for either good or bad reasons. A middle-of-the-road effort.
  • Warren and Kym (paso doble): Warren has shown that he knows how to bring fun to the floor, but he proved that he is more than a one trick pony with this paso doble, bringing the required intensity and aggression to the floor. It’s a shame it was spoiled somewhat by the long leather coat- did they learn nothing from Cristián’s costume last season?
  • Cody & Julianne (rumba): At eighteen, Cody is probably too young to do a ‘proper’ rumba, but he managed a creditable effort- admittedly my eyes were more on Julianne than Cody, but he seemed to be doing fine if not particularly outstandingly.

Results show

  • Jessica Simpson performed ‘Come on Over’; another song that doesn’t interest me, but luckily there was an accompanying cha cha from a professional couple. Later in the show she somewhat murdered ‘Angels’, whilst Maks and Cheryl ameliorated proceedings by performing a rumba.
  • Macy’s Stars of Dance is back, this time with a freestyle/street dance performance that featured dancers in the dark, lit up only by LEDs on their costumes, dancing to ‘Black and Gold’. The actual routine was a little inconsistent for me; there were parts that were really good and some that did nothing for me, but overall it was enjoyable enough if a bit gimmicky.
  • Elimination: going home this week were Kim & Mark– as I said above, I hadn’t warmed to Kim, so although she had potential for improvement and wasn’t as weak as either Rocco or Cloris, I wasn’t too bothered. Mark will be missed, but I’m not as into him this season.

The catch up continues…next post!

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