Dancing With the Stars season 7 week 3

Bad news this week- whilst practising the Friday before the show, Misty-May Treanor ruptured her Achilles tendon and is therefore out of the competition. Here’s wishing her a speedy recovery.

From Austria to America: jive vs. Viennese waltz

  • Susan & Tony (jive): It may have been because she’d suffered an ankle injury earlier in the day, but Susan didn’t quite give it her all in this jive- the kicks and flicks were very good, but for the more basic steps the footwork wasn’t up to par. I was left with mixed feelings overall.
  • Lance & Lacey (Viennese waltz): I’m not sure why the series persists with a Viennese waltz that isn’t a proper VW when it would be much easier to stick with the English waltz, but even if I judge this as an American Smooth, it was rather inconsistent. There were some good moments, particularly the spins, but the rest left me feeling underwhelming. Still, it was good to see them sticking to something more traditional this time out.
  • Maurice & Cheryl (jive): This week it seemed that Maurice had finally found his dance, with poor previous performances put aside in favour of a wild, fun, full throttle routine that was packed with fancy footwork. I must admit that the Countdown clock on the back of his jacket was a little distracting, but it was an enjoyable dance overall.
  • Rocco & Karina (Viennese waltz): I never thought I’d say this, but against all the odds Rocco has improved enough to pull off a competent routine. Naturally I would have preferred more in hold, but what was there was good- maybe dancing blindfolded is the way forward not just for practice and the beginning, but for an entire routine?
  • Warren & Kym (Viennese waltz): Although Warren had proved that he could do both fun and aggression, I wasn’t convinced that a big guy like him was suited for the grace and elegance of the Viennese waltz- but how wrong I was! With a smooth and fluid routine that had the best footwork of the waltzes thus far, Warren proved that he has more than one ace up his sleeve, and indeed he may be the dark horse of this season.
  • Cody & Julianne (jive): An inconsistent effort from Cody this time around; although he had a lot of enthusiasm and energy, it didn’t complete translate to quality. There were some very good parts, but they were offset by weaker moments such as two segments where he played Julianne’s leg like a guitar- far too reminiscent of Gary Rhodes for my liking.
  • Toni & Alec (Viennese waltz): Toni and Alec chose to dress in full period costume as Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI for this dance, and in my opinion it was a bad decision, as it made me completely unable to focus on the dancing. The huge bustle hid the good whilst magnifying the bad, and even if the routine itself had some worth, it was just impossible to see past the dress. A poorly executed gimmick.
  • Cloris & Corky (jive): It was unlikely that Cloris would even be able to perform a jive, and indeed, to label this utterly crazy routine under that umbrella would be something of a stretch. Although it was a bit too out there for my tastes, the audience seemed to find it entertaining, but personally I just want to see what Corky could do with an able partner.
  • Brooke & Derek (Viennese waltz): What a lovely way to end the evening- after all the ups and downs of earlier performances, Brooke produced a sweet and gentle Viennese waltz that showcased both her dancing talents and Derek’s talent for choreography. Yes, she’s come out on top once again.

Results show

  • Max and Edyta performed the jive that he choreographed for Misty; obviously there were points where it was clearly choreographed for a non-pro, but even so it was a fun and energetic routine to watch.
  • Kool and the Gang performed Jungle Boogie, Ladies’ Night and Celebration with an accompanying Latin dance medley- it was a bit cheesy disco, but one can’t help feeling a little nostalgic about the whole thing.
  • Macy’s Stars of Dance: this week the Radio City Rockettes performed a high-kicking showbiz routine- to be honest, although they clearly know their stuff, the costumes and sameness of it all made it a bit bland for me.
  • Jennifer Hudson performed “Spotlight”; I’m not familiar with her work in general but I must admit that I wondered how many cats had been murdered in the making of this particular song. Fortunately, Derek and Julianne took my mind off the music by performing a fast cha cha routine.
  • Elimination: because of Misty’s withdrawal, no one was actually eliminated- instead all scores and votes were carried over to week four. Even so, it was revealed that if there had been an elimination, Rocco & Karina would have gone home. Can they save themselves next week?

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