Strictly Come Dancing season six week 7

With ten couples left, everyone got to perform a different dance this week- but who would master their respective style and who would have been better off watching from the audience?

Ten Little Dancers, standing in a line- one got voted out, and then there were nine

  • Austin & Erin (quickstep): “Wonderful! Marvellous!” said the song, and when it comes to this quickstep, I’m inclined to agree. Of course, nothing will match Anton and Erin’s quickstep, but this was an excellent routine nonetheless, and a great way to start the evening.
  • Heather & Brian (cha cha cha): The cha cha should have been a good one for Heather, but yet again her dancing failed to connect with me- it was clear that she had worked hard, but it still felt superficial. She wasn’t using the energy from the floor or putting in enough on the performance side of things, and that ultimately let her down. I am strangely obsessed with that pink and black dress, though.
  • Jodie & Ian (waltz): Although she still struggles in the Latin, Jodie has made a real breakthrough with the ballroom, as evidenced by this lovely waltz. Although there were a couple of mistakes, overall this was a pleasant, romantic routine.
  • Andrew & Ola (samba): I know that the samba is a hard dance and Andrew injured his knee, but what little improvement he had made was totally discarded in this dance, where he turned back into a dad dancer. Ola tried hard to lift the performance, but without a catsuit, nothing could disguise Andrew’s mediocrity.
  • Lisa & Brendan (tango): Although a turquoise dress with pink lining wouldn’t be my first choice for this dance, everything about this was pure, proper tango- the music and the choreography came together to produce a sharp, elegant and well-performed routine. I did notice a slight mistake towards the end, and I would have liked to have been able to see more of Lisa’s footwork, but overall it was very good.
  • Cherie & James (salsa): Cherie is an elegant ballroom lady, but getting down and dirty in the salsa doesn’t seem to be her thing- she was out of her comfort zone and it showed. The dance felt far too tepid, with several obvious mistakes and losses of the steps.
  • John & Kristina (foxtrot): Well, to be fair, this wasn’t the worst dance that John’s done, it’s just that there’s hardly anything good to say about it. The sad fact is that John dances every routine the same- it’s only Kristina that differentiates them.
  • Tom & Camilla (paso doble): I have to admit that the cape work went on for a bit too long at the beginning (about half the length would have done for me) and I didn’t like the stubble, but even so this was a cut above the previous week’s pasos. Tom struck some nice lines and gave a strong performance, but the choreography and music could perhaps have been better chosen. Still, I need a black flower for my hair just like Camilla.
  • Christine & Matthew (American Smooth): Unlike the judges, I didn’t get a good enough look at the footwork to decide if she was ‘dead wood’ down below, but from what I saw of the camera’s focus on the top half, this looked like a very sweet, elegant and charming routine.
  • Rachel & Vincent (jive): I think Rachel handled the choreography that Vincent gave her very well, but there was still something lacking in this dance- there just didn’t seem to be enough bounce, drive and energy. Perhaps it was just that there were too many tricks and not enough basic in the dance.

Results show

  • The professionals performed to Tina Turner’s ‘Proud Mary’ and I have to admit that, excellent as they are, this was one of least favourite professional routines to date- I didn’t like most of the costumes, the choreography was too ‘disco’ and the song does nothing for me.
  • Anton and Flavia performed a lovely showdance that was pure, unadulterated fun- and as if that wasn’t good enough, the icing on the cake was when Vincent and Erin came out to claim their rightful partners. A most memorable professional routine.
  • Kelly Jones from the Stereophonics performed ‘Handbags and Gladrags’ whilst Brendan & Hayley and Darren & Lilia accompanied him with a lovely ballroom routine. Good stuff.
  • Elimination: Heather & Brian once again landed in the bottom two, this time alongside Andrew & Ola, with John somehow escaping for yet another week. Although not spectacular, Heather was still streets ahead of dad dancer Andrew, and was rightfully unanimously saved by the judges.

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