Dancing With the Stars season 7 week 8

The competition steps up a notch this week with everyone having to perform both a ballroom and a Latin dance- with a solo section in the Latin! Who would thrive under the pressure, and who would crack under the strain?

Ballroom round

  • Cody & Edyta (foxtrot): After a shaky switchover to a new partner last week, Cody pulled it back together with his foxtrot, delivering a smooth and elegant that proved he wasn’t ready to back down just yet. Again, I have to complain a little at Edyta showing off a bit too much in the choreography, but a worthy dance nonetheless.
  • Brooke & Derek (tango): An interesting tango from Brooke and Derek this week, combining traditional ballroom with a more Argentinean flavour to give a tango that sometimes felt a bit too static but at other times moved across the floor with all the sharpness you could hope for. Not my favourite dance from this couple, but still worthy in its own fashion.
  • Maurice & Cheryl (quickstep): As someone who was once the world’s fastest man, you would expect Maurice to be able to handle the quickstep, and indeed he proved to be a dab hand at it. Although I found the running promenade section to be a bit too long, overall this was an energetic and well-performed dance- the best I’ve seen from Maurice in a while.
  • Lance & Lacey (foxtrot): I didn’t have high hopes for this foxtrot- much as I’ve grown to like these two, their style didn’t seem to coincide with what is needed in the foxtrot. Fortunately, I was both wrong and pleasantly surprised when they came out with a slightly quirky but still largely traditional routine- not the best foxtrot ever, but still an enjoyable dance.
  • Warren & Kym (tango): This is another one of those dances where I don’t know what to make of it- the music and costume were nothing like they should be for a tango, but at the same time it was a fun, James Bond inspired piece that showcased Warren’s aptitude for performing and drawing in the audience.

Latin round

  • Cody & Edyta (mambo): Carrie-Ann was right when she said that Cody gave it his all when it came to effort and energy, but as the judges also pointed out, it didn’t quite come off on the floor. The routine had its highlights, but it was up and down all the way, with Edyta’s choreography seeming a bit repetitive and uninspired in places.
  • Brooke & Derek (mambo): Now this is more like it- a lovely mambo with plenty of energy and hip action, wonderfully choreographed by Derek to make it look spontaneous instead of carefully practised. A commendable effort from Brooke.
  • Maurice & Cheryl (paso doble): Having done the team paso last week, Maurice was at an advantage, and he put it to good use. Although there were a few weak moments, Maurice managed to get into character and deliver a strong, intense routine.
  • Lance & Lacey (samba): The music for this routine was very odd- not only wasn’t it traditional, but it was played in a way that made the dance seem a lot slower than it was. There were some good samba elements, but it felt like it lacked bounce and energy, whilst the solo wasn’t anything to write home about.
  • Warren & Kym (jive): Now this is what Warren’s dancing is all about- a truly fun routine that also showcases his fast (if a little flat) footwork as once again Warren proves that even big guys can move.

Results show

  • Brad Paisley performed with Lacey and her brother doing an accompanying dance, again not my thing but I can still appreciate the amazing talent of all involved. Later in the show, he returned to perform with the pros from the live tour, who put on a lively and enjoyable show.
  • Macy’s Stars of Dance: this week’s dance was chosen by a viewer poll on the ABC website, and the result was a high energy jive to ‘Great Balls of Fire’ from Derek and Julianne. Good fun all round.
  • Elimination: With Warren, Lance and Brooke all safe, the two weakest remaining dancers were left to see who had claimed the final place in the semi-finals. Ultimately, however, it was Maurice&Cheryl who went home, meaning that Cody gets to dance with Julianne in the semis.

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