Strictly Come Dancing season 6 week 11

The time has come to ramp things up a notch; with only five couples left, the four places in next week’s show are going to be hotly contested by not one but two dances. Who will up their game and who will take a nosedive into obscurity?

Ballroom Round

  • Rachel & Vincent (waltz): I didn’t like the choice of music as the beat was hard to follow, and Rachel’s ‘princess’ dress obscured her footwork, but that aside, this was a very good dance. Rachel’s routines still aren’t proving as memorable as the best that Strictly has to offer, but she is still talented.

  • Lisa & Brendan (foxtrot): An elegant and glamorous routine from Lisa, well choreographed to the music and a joy to watch. I may even prefer this to Rachel’s foxtrot last week- certainly Lisa and Brendan have turned it right around from the early weeks.

  • Christine & Matthew (tango): Smiley Christine was never going to find the passion and aggression of the tango easy and indeed, as hard as she worked, it wasn’t really her dance. She managed not to smile, but she lacked the sharpness and precision that the dance needs to bring it to life. It’s just not a dance for a lovely softie like Christine.

  • Austin & Erin (foxtrot): After failing to impress in last week’s Latin, Austin was largely back on form in the ballroom this week; time limitations and Austin’s lack of sleep meant it wasn’t quite as polished as usual, but it was still very good- as to be expected when his teacher is ballroom expert Erin.

  • Tom & Camilla (waltz): Although it wasn’t perfect, Tom’s waltz was an excellent conclusion to the ballroom round- a gentle, understated routine carried off with elegance and grace.

Latin Round

  • Rachel & Vincent (paso doble): After too much cape work from Vincent and nothing from Rachel at the start, this took a while to get going- Rachel seemed lacking in the toning and aggression needed. Towards the end the dance improved, but it felt like too little, too late- and the non-traditional music didn’t help matters at all.

  • Lisa & Brendan (cha cha): The trouble with this routine was that although it was good, it just didn’t ignite my fire, although I think it may have been largely due to the music, which I didn’t like. Lisa owned the floor, but without the cha cha mood, it didn’t feel as good as it was technically.

  • Christine & Matthew (salsa): Fortunately for Christine, this dance was much more up her street than the tango, but while she was having fun out on the floor, it’s become clearer than ever that she’s behind the others in terms of ability. As far as technique goes, Christine didn’t quite make it, and was lacking in footwork, speed and precision.

  • Austin & Erin (paso doble): I’m afraid I’m with Len on this one- Austin did look like a waiter wandering around, and the dance was sorely lacking in content. I didn’t even like the performance much, so it did nothing for me- especially the ‘Ole’ at the start.

  • Tom & Camilla (samba): This was another routine that was good at its core, but suffered somewhat in the execution, lacking sufficient bounce and coming across as not quite the right type of party dance- less of a carnival in Rio and more of a get-together with your mates.

Results Show

  • Latin medley: Darren and Lilia showed us how it’s done with a variety of Latin rhythms that came together to create a lovely, enjoyable routine. Oh, and I need Lilia’s feathered skirt.

  • Pro quickstep: Brian, Karen, Anton, Flavia, Darren, Lilia, James and Ola put on a new pro quickstep- the partnerships, the dark dresses and the modern music might have been unconventional, but the standard was consistently excellent.

  • Estelle performed ‘American Boy’ and once again Brian got to dance to it, although this time it was with Karen, Flavia, Ola and James. These uneven partnership pro dances have been an interesting change of pace this season.

  • Elimination: This week the dance-off was between Rachel & Vincent and Christine & Matthew- predictably, as the weakest remaining dancer, Christine was the one to go home.

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