Strictly Come Dancing season 6 week 12

Now that it’s down to the final four, there’s not much to choose between our remaining contestants- and it could take just one bad dance for someone to fall behind the pack. But who would end up waltzing into the final, and who would be stumbling home?

Ballroom round

  • Austin & Erin (American smooth): Matt Dawson’s tips may have helped with the arms, but whilst this was a decent enough routine, it felt a little safe- perhaps because Austin has been so tired lately. Putting both lifts at the end made them feel a bit tacked on; overall it was good but not great.

  • Lisa & Brendan (waltz): Although not perfect, this was still a lovely waltz- once again everything came together in terms of music, choreography and presentation, resulting in a beautifully elegant and understated routine.

  • Tom & Camilla (foxtrot): Tom proved his worth in the ballroom once again with this routine, which was smooth, flowing and apparently effortless. It’s a close-run thing, but this may have been the best dance of the ballroom round.

  • Rachel & Vincent (tango): I don’t really like the ‘fairy princess’ netted skirts they keep giving Rachel, but in fact the dance itself was rather good- it’s just that it felt too much like an Argentine tango, and with that dance just a week away, I would have liked something a lot more ballroom. And why can’t Rachel ignite my fire?

Latin round

  • Austin & Erin (salsa): Salsa is something Erin isn’t familiar with, and it certainly showed here- this routine might have been okay for a night out but here it felt lacklustre with Erin concentrating so hard on her own steps that Austin wasn’t given a lot of help. Erin’s skirt was lovely, but more was needed from the dancing.

  • Lisa & Brendan (jive): Although it was a good effort from Lisa, it didn’t quite come off- she lacked the bounce and it ended up feeling somewhat superficial instead of driving into the floor. At least it was fun.

  • Tom & Camilla (rumba): I must admit I really didn’t like this rumba- it was basically a race from one line to another (with even Camilla looking rushed), with practically no basic or proper rumba steps at all. Far too unbalanced for my liking.

  • Rachel & Vincent (cha cha): Rachel seemed to be borrowing Erin’s cha cha dress for this one, but while it was probably the best from the Latin round, once again she just didn’t strike a chord with me. I don’t know what it is; Rachel does all the steps but I just don’t feel them connecting with me or coming to life.

Results show

  • Hustle: Brian and Kristina performed the hustle, a dance I’ve only recently become familiar with thanks to DWTS, and one which doesn’t particularly grab me. Indeed, this wasn’t a routine I’d go out of my way to see, but the talented Brian and the lovely Kristina are always good on the floor.

  • Viennese waltz: The pros danced a nice enough Viennese waltz that somehow felt oddly frenetic due to lots of changes in hold- I would have preferred the dance to be entirely in hold, but I guess that was deemed too dull for the audience.

  • Argentine tango: Vincent & Flavia and another pro AT couple showed the potential semi-finalists how it should be done with a sexy, steamy routine- personally I prefer the dances they’ve done in previous years (and the wonderful milonga), but this was still very good, of course.

  • Barry Manilow performed ‘Copacabana’- he may look a bit strange these days but at least he can sing, and of course nothing could suit the track better than a samba from Darren, Lilia, Ian and Camilla.

  • Elimination: surprisingly, Austin fell into the bottom two alongside Lisa, and instead of being able to do his American Smooth, he had to rely on his higher scoring salsa against Lisa’s waltz. Under those circumstances, even Austin, once tipped to win the whole thing, couldn’t triumph, and so ended up going home in fourth place.

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