Strictly Come Dancing season 6 week 13: the semi-final

It’s down to the wire now, with those two places in the final all depending on the highly technical Argentine tango, as well as our couples’ choice of favourite fance, redone with new music and choreography. Who would shine on the floor, and whose number was up?

Round One

  • Lisa & Brendan (Argentine tango): It was clear that both Lisa and Brendan had put a lot of effort into this dance, and I did rather enjoy the routine, but there was something a little lacking- it didn’t quite have the necessary ease and fluidity. Still, a very good effort for a brand new dance.
  • Tom & Camilla (jive): I have to admit that I’m with Craig on this one- it was a lot of fun and Tom put in an amazing amount of energy, but I felt the choreography itself was somewhat lacking. Camilla seemed to be using the same old tricks, and I would have just liked something a little bit different.
  • Rachel & Vincent (Argentine tango): Vincent is a world tango champion, so of course my expectations were very high for this one, and in the main, they were met. The choreography was very complex here, but Rachel coped well, lending a fluidity to the dance that Lisa had lacked, whilst the lifts were utterly spectacular. My only complaint was that Vincent was perhaps too good, and could have toned it down a little bit to showcase Rachel more.

Round Two

  • Lisa & Brendan (quickstep): It was with great flair and energy that Lisa tackled her second dance, bringing elegance and smoothness to the dance floor. I loved the dress, liked the music and enjoyed the dance- what more can you ask for?
  • Tom & Camilla (Argentine tango): Although the choreography was not up to the level that Rachel and Vincent showed us, this dance still had its strengths- the performance side was strong and Tom really used his acting skills to tell a story. I preferred Gethin’s AT last year (and of course nothing matches Mark Ramprakash), but still a good effort.
  • Rachel & Vincent (American smooth): I’m not sure what to make of this dance- the performance was lovely and filled with elegance and understatement, but Len was right to point out that there wasn’t any real foxtrot content in it- it lacked identity as a dance.

Results show

  • Professional showdance: world champions Craig Smith and Natalie Woolf performed this year’s showdance, and as with Victor and Hanna, whilst I can appreciate the technical prowess and the incredible lifts, I prefer more traditional dancing rather than these shows of strength.
  • Pro jive: Darren, Lilia, James, Ola, Matthew and Karen lit up the floor with an energetic jive.
  • Chicago: the cast of Chicago and our professional dancers came together to perform a kicking chorus line performance of “All That Jazz”.
  • Elimination: I’m very happy to report that no one was knocked out this week- instead they’re carrying over the votes and scores from this week to the final. Good decision, BBC- we’ll have a proper three person final this year!

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