Next writing project: have your say!

Due to indecision, I’m throwing it open to the three readers of this blog – what fiction project should I be focusing my efforts on first? A poll follows, but to help you out, here is a brief run down of what’s on the cards.

An episodic sci-fi story available on this very blog. It’s been on hiatus for a while, with many unpublished episodes awaiting extensive editing, plus new stories waiting to be told.

Wolf Story
In the future, humans have industrialised most of the planet, forcing wolves to leave the wilderness and take on human form. Fearing she may be alone, one wolf pursues rumours that could lead her to others of her kind. An extract follows:

“Night time is wolf time. The humans shy away from the night, locking themselves in their houses and flooding them with light. Once I longed to be welcomed into those houses, but no longer. Free from the annoying buzz of humanity, the world of the night is silent and pure.

Sometimes, when I am very sure that I am alone, I drop the façade of being one of them and revert to my true form. The dark wraps itself around me like an old friend, the rough contours of the road pressing into my paws, a gentle breeze ruffling my fur. My senses are sharpened, my body awash with euphoria, with the rightness of returning to my true state. Sometimes, I even hunt – never humans, for that way lies madness – but small animals, rats, birds, nothing that they would ever miss. Even I in my human form would shy away from preying on other beasts like this, but when I am a wolf, it is only right and natural. The crunch of bones between your teeth, your mouth suddenly awash with hot blood and sweet meat – few things can compare to this simple pleasure.”

The Respectable Ladies’ Baking Club
When Hannah swaps life in London for the quiet village of Steepleton, she decides to fill the now empty evenings by attending the local Baking Club. The ladies there all seem very pleasant and well-meaning, but Hannah soon discovers that beneath their WI exterior, the baking club doubles as a team of crack assassins. From deadly decorating tools to poisoned chutneys, the ladies will stop at nothing to uphold the pride and reputation of Steepleton, and take the Bake-Off crown from disgraced former member Cordelia, who was thrown out for espousing radical American baking ideas like the use of cream cheese frosting.

Middle-class satire
Actually two projects bundled together as one. The first will probably be in play format, revealing the layers of intrigue and secrecy beneath what appears to be a perfectly normal Friday evening dinner party. The second is all about keeping up with the Joneses, as our main character struggles to hide the fact that she doesn’t really care about organic Swiss chard and essential Waitrose citrus-scented pot pourri from her new colleagues.

Demonic erotica
This extract should suffice:

“All demons are driven by baser desires. For some, it’s an unquenchable thirst for blood. Others favour money and power. Know someone driven by a relentless, burning ambition, ready to trample over their best friends to get to the top? Odds are good they’ve got demon blood. As for me, my weakness is that most delicious of deadly sins – lust.”

Short stories
I have far too many ideas for these to list them all here, which may make this seem like the least appealing option. There will be lots of sci-fi, some Doctor Who fanfic and plenty of Black Mirror-inspired dystopia. Also, if I’m writing short stories they will be finished more quickly!

Anyway, vote away, and I will attempt to devote my writing time to the most popular (when I’m not cracking on with the review backlog, that is).

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