The Great Star Trek Rewatch: A Matter of Honor

When the Enterprise agrees to take place in Starfleet’s officer exchange program, it’s time to make a couple of changes. Whilst they welcome aboard Benzite officer Ensign Mordan, Commander Riker heads over to the Klingon ship Pagh to learn what life is like as Klingon first officer. But when a mysterious organism starts eating through the hulls of both ships, will it be Starfleet ingenuity or Klingon honour that saves the day?

Oh, okay, it’s Starfleet. It’s always Starfleet. I just needed a good way to round off the introductory sentence. That being said, this is still a great episode – I was very much looking forward to it when I knew it was coming up, and I was just the tiniest bit relieved that it had stood the test of time and nostalgia. Whilst the Starfleet side of things is served by a pretty standard story, Riker’s Klingon exchange is excellent – not only is it very entertaining in and of itself, but it’s one of those stories that remind you just how rich the Star Trek universe is, and how many races and societies and stories can be told in it.

Klingon facts

  • Despite what Worf would have us believe, Klingons do have a sense of humour.
  • Klingon delicacies include pipius claw, bregit lung, heart of targ (yes, they eat their pets, go figure), rokeg blood pie and gagh, a dish of serpent worms which is best served live.
  • On a Klingon ship, it is customary for one to attempt to assassinate one’s direct senior. Whilst this might sound wasteful, I actually felt it made more sense when I heard the explanation – once you become too old and stupid to be able to evade the assassination attempts, you’re probably no longer fit for your role. So it’s just a very extreme way of keeping seniors on their toes. I’m going to propose it for my office, and not just because I don’t have anyone working for me.

Other thoughts

  • Ensign Mendon looks exactly like Mordock from last season, because they were both born from the same geostructure.
  • Although he’s seen here as an ensign, Mendon is supposed to be from a Benzite ship – is this an all-Benzite Starfleet ship, or a non-Starfleet ship belonging to the Benzite fleet? If the latter, why is he wearing a Starfleet uniform – Riker doesn’t switch to a Klingon uniform, and when Kurn comes over in a later episode, he retains his own uniform also.
  • On Benzite ships, the procedure is not to report anything until you’ve done a full analysis on it. Even if that thing is life-threatening, and other people might be able to help you.
  • The Enterprise has a phaser range, which is a good idea, but why not just use the holodeck for all weapons practice?
  • Benzite are apparently eager to please. All of them. Imagine if all humans shared a simplistic basic character trait.

Summary – A Matter of Honor: “This is a great episode. We are enjoying this episode.”

One thought on “The Great Star Trek Rewatch: A Matter of Honor

  1. “Benzite are apparently eager to please. All of them. Imagine if all humans shared a simplistic basic character trait.”

    We probably do—it’s not until you meet someone absent it that you would notice it, though. I imagine it’s just East Asian societal rules, taken to planetary-level extremes. (On the other hand, how a spacefaring species could survive with that culture in the Star Trek universe without killing themselves with inaction is unclear to me.)

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