The Great Star Trek TNG Rewatch: Evolution

When the Enterprise plays host to Dr Paul Stubbs, he is there to observer a once-in-a-lifetime stellar phenomenon. But when the Enterprise computer starts acting up, Stubbs’ experiment is threatened. Can the crew figure out what’s going on? Could it be related to Wesley’s latest science project?

If you were expecting a massive jump in quality just because season three is here, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Apart from the welcome return of Dr Crusher, and the superior ‘with collar’ uniform style, what we have here is just a mishmash of ideas worthy of another round of Star Trek bingo. So, without further ado:

Star Trek Bingo: TNG editions

  • The Enterprise plays host to a scientist who turns out to be both an egomaniac and a jerk.
  • A member of the crew accidentally creates sentient life.
  • Wesley is intimated to be an amazing genius with potential far beyond that of a normal human.
  • The computer malfunctions in a range of manners, from the comically annoying to the life threatening.
  • Data uses himself as a conduit for the rest of the crew to speak with the new life forms.
  • Everything is wrapped up in the last two minutes with no further ramifications.

Other points of note

  • When Crusher pumps Picard for information on how Wesley is doing, she specifically asks if he has been in love yet. Picard either forgets or chooses not to mention the events of The Dauphin.
  • No one before Wesley ever thought of enhancing the nanites’ capabilities by having them work together.
  • Having fooled the Enterprise’s sensors in Peak Performance, Worf is himself fooled by false sensor readings here.
  • We knew from Q Who? that Guinan was at least 200 years old. Now we can revise it upwards another few centuries; during that time she has a had a number of children, one of whom required a few centuries of attention to get him through his rebellious phase.

Behold, your new god

An all-new ranking section for crew members who have created sentient life. Reproduction through normal sexual means is considered too prosaic to earn an entry on this table – sorry, Beverly.

Geordi: 1

Wesley: 1

Summary – Evolution: Season three begins with a whimper rather than a bang.

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