The Great Star Trek TNG Rewatch: The Vengeance Factor

When Starfleet outposts keep getting attacked by a group of raiders known as the Gatherers, Picard decides it is time step in. He decides to broker a peace between the Gatherers and the home planet that exiled them – but when a Gatherer dies in mysterious circumstances, it seems as if an assassin’s personal quest may threaten the prospect of peace.

After one good episode and one memorable episode, The Vengeance Factor doesn’t really feel like much – at best, we’re back in the realm of “solid but not outstanding” that we were stuck in at the start of season three. Peace negotiations are standard Star Trek fare, and both the Gatherers and the Acamarians are too generic to really bring anything new to the table. Sure, Riker gets to date an assassin, but since Riker gets the most action of anyone on the crew, even this is business as usual.

The Generic Factor

  • The replicator can be programmed to produce local delicacies not already in the computer banks. Presumably this is done by refining a description of the product, since in this case an original sample is not available. It must be the replicator equivalent of going to a sketch artist or trying to make a Mii on a Nintendo device.
  • Riker kills Yuta when he could have just shot to stun.
  • Worf insults the Gatherers for not bathing often, even though Worf himself hates bathing.
  • Despite the existence of the replicator, Riker says that a chef can be arranged – maybe he just means Guinan.

Summary – The Vengeance Factor: It’s almost worrying how little I have to say about this episode.

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