The Great Star Trek TNG Rewatch: Deja Q

When a naked Q appears on the bridge of the Enterprise, he claims that he has been stripped of all his powers and forced to live as a human. Although suspicious, Picard lets him remain on board – but whilst Q’s vast knowledge is certainly useful, his presence attracts an angry alien who is keen for revenge on the inveterate prankster.

It’s rare to enjoy a Q episode, but actually this one proves to be the exception to the rule. Without his powers, Q becomes less of a deadly annoyance, and more of a sardonic commenter on the Enterprise crew. Despite the predictable ending, it’s an entertaining ride – my viewing companion even enjoyed the mariachi band at the end.

Join the Q

  • This is the first time we see another member of the Q continuum. He is also called Q.
  • Q appears naked in mid-air on the bridge, which means that all the bridge crew got to see his human genitalia.
  • Q considers Picard to be the closest thing he has to a friend.
  • Q seems to retain his vast knowledge despite being in a human body. Surely his knowledge would now be restricted to what can be contained in a puny human brain? Perhaps it was, and he just happened to retain just the right knowledge needed to help the Enterprise crew.
  • Q claims to have an IQ of 2005, but he’s clearly just bullshitting as this is fairly meaningless.
  • Picard suggests dropping Q at the nearest starbase, which seems a bit cruel in terms of handing over responsibility. Why not at least drop him on an uninhabited planet?

Other points

  • Troi’s love of chocolate is referenced once again.
  • Data doesn’t need to eat, but to lubricate his internal workings, he ingests a nutrient suspension.
  • The Calamarain scan the ship with berthold rays, last seen in This Side of Paradise.

Summary – Deja Q: A good Q episode – who’d have thought it?

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