The Great Star Trek TNG Rewatch: Allegiance

Whilst relaxing in his quarters, Picard is abducted and imprisoned by an unknown force. But as far as the crew of the Enterprise is concerned, nothing is amiss – because a duplicate Picard remains on board the ship. Whilst the real Picard tries to figure out an escape plan, will the odd behaviour of the fake Picard alert Riker and the crew to the fact that something is wrong?

Mysterious abductions, powerful aliens studying (and being dicks) towards humanity and alien duplicates are all Star Trek staples, making this a decent if not spectacular episode. Whilst the real Picard shows his mettle by being the only captive who isn’t a shallow stereotype, the actions of the fake are pretty amusing – he makes a move on Beverly, observes a poker game, and even sings in Ten Forward.

Something’s not right here

  • When fake-Picard gets everyone in Ten Forward an ale, he’s not being helpful. There’s no money, so anyone who wanted an ale would already have one. Instead, he’s just foisting ales on everyone.
  • Although fake Picard attends the poker game, real Picard will not do so until the final episode, All Good Things.
  • The aliens can replicate life and memories – this is some pretty serious and advanced technology!
  • Worf has to use a security override to get into Picard’s quarters – usually people just walk into each other’s quarters. It’s good to know that locks exist, even if they’re never used.
  • Starfleet missions can be classified, even though it usually seems that everyone just knows everything and there are no access controls on the computers.
  • Haro mentions the Mintakan mission, as seen in Who Watches the Watchers.
  • The Starfleet cadet uniform looks like the uniform variant seen years later in DS9 and Voyager.
  • As well as being classified, the Phyrox Plague situation was only just resolved at the start of the episode – it hardly seems likely that an Academy cadet would already have heard about it.

Summary – Allegiance: It’s good when Picard gets lots to do.

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