The Great Star Trek TNG Rewatch: Reunion

When Klingon Chancellor K’mpec suspects that one of his potential successors has fatally poisoned him, he decides to put his trust in Picard to mediate the selection of the next Chancellor. Aiding Picard in his task is none other than Ambassador K’Ehleyr, and she has a surprise for Worf – in the form of their son.

Various Klingon elements come to a head in this episode, which manages to fit in politics, intrigue, honour and the continuing family element. It’s great to see Picard take charge of the mediation, whilst Worf has issues of his own – he doesn’t want to see other Klingons whilst he’s dishonoured, but it just so happens that his lover and the son he didn’t know he had have just showed up. Unfortunately, the amazing K’Ehleyr doesn’t make it through to the end of the episode, but it does mean that Worf goes full metal Klingon.

The Worf Show

  • Despite being desperate to marry K’Ehleyr after their first intimate encounter, Worf now shies away from commitment and refuses to take the oath because he’s been dishonoured.
  • Klingon marriage as seen in the K’Ehleyr episodes seems to just be the couple repeating a couple of set phrases, but when Worf marries Dax, there are all sorts of rituals and ceremonies. Maybe it’s just the difference between a quick registry office wedding and a full church affair.
  • After taking custody of his son, Worf’s first act is to ship him off to the Rozhenkos. Nice parenting there, Worf.
  • Despite having been conceived around 18 months ago, Alexander already appears to be at least five years old. We can’t argue that Klingons mature faster, because we know that Worf grew up at around the same rate as his human adoptive brother. Maybe he has a medical condition, or it’s an effect of mixed Klingon/human genes. Then again, from what I remember, B’Elanna Torres also matured at a normal human rate.

Other points

  • Geordi says that the Klingons and the Romulans have been blood enemies for 75 years, but we know that they were still allies around the time the Khitomer colony was attacked, aroud twenty years ago.
  • There are thirteen different races serving aboard the Enterprise, even though there are 150 worlds in the Federation – where’s the diversity. Assuming Data doesn’t count, let’s list the ones we know about:

    1) Human

    2) Vulcan

    3) Klingon

    4) Betazoid

    I haven’t counted Guinan because she’s a civilian.

Summary – Reunion: Picard gets to treat the Klingons like his bitches.

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